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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation services are commonly used for the courts, hearings, depositions, examination for discovery, tour guides, medical examinations, or business meetings. A good interpreter will only interpret what was said and not speculate on what should or could have been said.

Procedure for Consecutive Interpretation

The procedure for consecutive interpretation is for the speaker to speak two or three sentences in the source language and then pause. The interpreter then interprets the sentences into the target language for a third party, the conversation continues like this with the interpreter acting as an intermediary.

Consecutive Interpretation for English and Over 150 Languages

We have over 16000 professional interpreters working in over 150 languages, if you have a requirement for professional interpretation let us know the time, location and languages you require and we will have interpreters sent to you.

Quality Consecutive Interpreters

Prompt high quality consecutive interpretation for any subject in over 150 languages, in today’s fast moving world everything is required yesterday, interpretation is no different. Our professional interpreters work under tight deadlines and provide you with a quality interpretation, on time and at competitive rates.


All interpretation is kept under tight controls and only those individuals that work on your interpretation will have access to it, we want your confidence and trust in us and confidentiality is a key ingredient in any business relationship.


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