NJStar Chinese Word Processor 3.1 for MSDOS

Related Software: Version 5 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP

download from here NJStar Chinese 3.1 for DOS (Released: Oct. 1995) free trial version can be downloaded from here via FTP or HTTP .

New Features in version 3.1

 (1) Shareware version can now print to all printers that NJSTAR supports;
 (2) New preview function; Printer and Page setup in Window like dialog;
 (3) Rich print commands, formats character, paragraph, margin, tab, etc.;
 (4) Uses Big5 as internal code, supports 13,000 Big5 and 7000 GB Characters;
 (5) In LianPin input, Hanzi can be selected by continue pressing SPACE;
 (6) Exports to PCX file using high resolution Chinese fonts for Faxing;
 (7) Converts Chinese text to Pinyin text with tone marks on top;
 (8) Input Chinese characters using Cangjie method word by word;

Features in version 3.0

 (1) Continuous sentence based Pinyin online input, very convenient;
 (2) Fuzzy Pinyin input - tolerates Pinyin input errors;
 (3) Input selection list is sorted by character frequency;
 (4) Add/Edit/Delete the abbreviation of commonly used words interactively;
 (5) HanZi Info provides all the info about Chinese character;
 (6) Lookup a Chinese character through the Radical chart;
 (7) On-line Chinese <-> English dictionary, two-way lookup;
 (8) Reads Big5 Chinese file directly, Converts GB to Big5 smartly;
 (9) Supports SuperVGA 800x600 display, 30 lines of Chinese can be displayed;
 (10) English and Chinese menus now in one EXE; Program setup is saved on exit;
 (11) DOS command and shell; Screen saver; Time of the day display;
 (12) Supports the input of European language characters; Automatic wrapping;
 (13) Performs configuration without leaving NJSTAR;
 (14) Now NJSTAR can print specified pages, for a number of copies;

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