NJStar Chinese Word Processor Version 5.x

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What's New in Version 5.30 (Release Date: 2011-09-18)

  • New: Portable Installation on USB;
  • New: use first sentence or high lighted text as default filename;
  • New: able to use OpenType Fonts in NJStar Communicator 3;
  • Fix: Printer initialization timer not set problem;
  • Fix: Display disappearing problem;

What's New in Version 5.25 (Release Date: 2009-05-18)

  • Compatible with WINE when running on Linux or Apple Mac;
  • Updated HELP using HTML;
  • Improve: Display selections in Radical lookup if only strokes specified;
  • Fix: Slow start when default network printer is not accessible. 

What's New in Version 5.23 (Release Date: 2008-03-18)

  • Compatible with Windows Vista;
  • Improved the Unicode->Big5->GB conversion table;
  • Fix: User Dictionary Saving Problem;
  • Fix: Edit screen referesh lookup problem;
  • Fix: Word 2007 RTF Paste problem;
  • Corrections for Pinyin Dictionary and Chinese-English Dictionary;

What's New in Version 5.20 (Release Date: 2006-11-18)

  • Chinese Filename Support
    On Windows 2000/XP/2003, NJStar now opens and saves files with Chinese characters in the name or on the path. Chinese filename is displayed properly on the title bar.  
  • 6000 New Entries for Chinese-English Dictionary
    More than 6000 new entries are added in the NJStar Chinese English dictionary. Some existing entries are corrected. Apostrophe is added in the dictionary entry display where pinyin confusion may exist, such as convert "xi1an1" to "xi'an" instead of "xian".  
  • Better Tone Pinyin Mark
    On windows 2000/2003/XP, NJStar will now use tone pinyin characters included in the system Unicode font for better display and printing.  
  • Fix: Popup Dictionary
    Move the mouse cursor to popup dictionary window is now much easier and predictable.  
  • Fix: Copy Text from MSN Messenger
    CJK characters in MSN chat messages are now correctly identified and converted.  
  • Fix: Tone Pinyin in Unicode Text
    When save as Unicode text, tone pinyin characters are now correctly converted to it’s Unicode code points.  
  • Fix: NJB2G.TAB
    The GB to Big5 conversion table (NJB2G.TAB) problem fixed (exist since 5.10)  
  • Fix
    paste of 'zhao' as in ‘zhaoji’ in simplified Chinese is corrected.

What's New in Version 5.10 (Release Date: 2006-02-18)

  • Security Vulnerability Fix
    A security firm has identified a security vulnerability in NJStar Chinese WP version 5.0x, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system. All users of previous versions are recommended to update to the latest version.
  • Improvements on Windows XP
    User modified dictionary files are now saved in Windows Application Date folder, which is provided by windows for each user, and it's writable by the current user. The folder is at 
    C:\Documents and Settings\[your-user-name]\Application Data\NJStar\NJStar Chinese WP\ 
    All previous versions saves the modified dictionary files in Program Files folder, such as 
    C:\Program Files\NJStar\NJStar Chinese WP\ 
    but this folder is not writable by un-privileged users. 
  • Other Minor Fixes
    We are always fixing and improving with user's feedback.

What's New in Version 5.01 (Release Date: 2004-11-18)

  • Popup Dictionary
    Version 5.01 has an enlarged dictionary and a new "Popup Dictionary" function. User can move mouse pointer to a character/phrase to look up its dictionary/translation instantly.
    Now user can download other free Chinese English Dictionaries to be used in NJStar WP, or you can create your own dictionary.
  • New Language Study Functions
    Version 5.01 has introduced a "study list" for vocabulary study. A "Word Annotation" function is also introduced in this new release. It searches NJStar dictionary and annotates Pinyin spellings and English meanings at the end of each paragraph.
  • "Pinyin teaching" input mode allows teacher to 1) force student to type Pinyin with tone number; 2) restrict the range of characters for input-bar selection.
  • Input-bar Dictionary Lookup
    Beginners will find this function very helpful in assisting them to input Chinese words.
  • Mandarin Text-to-Speech (Pro versions only)
    Version 5.01's Pro editions come with Mandarin text-to-speech function. It reads back a highlighted block of Chinese text in Mandarin male or female voices.
  • Handwriting Recognition (Pro versions only)
    Version 5.01's Pro editions have handwriting recognition function. Instead of typing Chinese with the keyboard, a user can just draw the character stroke by stroke by using the mouse pointer on the screen.
  • English Spelling Check
    English spelling check function is conveniently included in Version 5.01 now. Many spelling related options, such as "check while type" and American/British English spelling, can also be set according to individual preference.
  • Send Mail
    The improved "Send Mail" function comes with its own SMTP email server, allowing user to send the current document in either simplified or traditional Chinese through email without leaving NJStar program. The program can even automatically convert and send the document in GIF picture format by email.
  • New "Meaning" field in Hanzi Information Dialog Box 
  • You can download "NJStar Chinese Pen " to test Chinese hand-writing recognition and Chinese/Mandarin text-to-speech functions with NJStar Chinese WP. Question:What are the differences between different versions (Basic .. Pro Plus) of NJStar CWP ?

Standard Features of Version 5.0

  • Support both traditional Chinese characters (Hong Kong/Taiwan) and simplified Chinese characters (China/Singapore); convert/switch between traditional and simplified Chinese with "one to many" intelligent mapping.
  • "Virtual Soft Keyboard" maps standard English/Western keyboard layout to Chinese keyboard.
  • Copy formatted Chinese text between NJStar WP and Microsoft Word in either matafile-picture format or Unicode RTF format; Also open and/or save in RTF format.
  • Save as HTML, Send email and copy text in different codes, Automatic wrap clipboard text.
  • Character Sets: Supports 13,000 Big5 and 6700 GB2312 character sets.
  • Input Methods: Continuous Pinyin (LianPin), Standard Pinyin, Zhuyin, Cantonese, FiveStrokes, CangJi, Radical lookup, etc... more than 20 methods.
  • Chinese-English Dictionary: Chinese to English and English to Chinese two-way fast lookup, with 60,000+ entries in the dictionary.
  • Learning Chinese: with HanziInfo function; Converts a block of Chinese text to Pinyin with tone.
  • Bilingual Menu: Display menu items in either English (default), simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese.
  • File Conversion: Reads and Writes GB, Big5, HZ. Exports to Graphics format for other Windows desktop publishing software.
  • Fonts: Bitmap Fonts are supplied in Basic Version, NJStar True Type Chinese Fonts are supplied in Professional Versions.
  • Full 32-bit Windows program, works under Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP. No other software required. Comes with dockable toolbar, status bar, search bar, input bar and ruler.
  • Character Formatting: Multiple font faces and point sizes; Multiple foreground and background colors; Character styles include Bold, Italic, Underline. Superscript & Subscript.
  • Paragraph Formatting: Left Indentation, right Indentation, hanging Indentation, centering, left and/or right justification, double spacing.
  • Tab Support: Left, right, center and decimal tab positions. Tabs can be shown on the ruler.
  • Block Editing: Highlights block with mouse or keyboard, cut, paste or delete the block, multiple (currently 200) level undo. Fast two-way search and flexible text replacement.
  • Embedded Picture: Import pictures from disk file or clipboard, supports Bitmap, Device independent bitmap and metafile formats.
  • File Input and Output: Supports the import and export of normal Text format, Rich Text Format (RTF - compatible with WinWord) and NJStar native format. Unlimited file size using Windows’ virtual memory capability.
  • Printing: Works on all printers that Windows supports; "Vertical Printing" capability.
  • Double-Byte Editing: Automatic line wrap with consideration of punctuations. Full double-byte aware, no nonsense half character. All operations are performed on full characters.
  • Other Features: Page break and automatic repagination; Pages header and footer; Multiple columns format; Table support; Protected and hidden text.


FAQ: What are the differences between different versions (Basic .. Pro Plus) of NJStar CWP ?


  1. The Pro and higher versions will have Chinese hand-writing recognition function and Mandarin text-to-speech function.
  2. The Pro versions also have a number of Chinese TTF FONTS included. Please refer to the following table for TTF FONTS options for different versions.

Font Samples Click here for True-Type fonts sample