Chinese Commercial Code (CCC)
also called Chinese Telegraphic Transfer Code (CTC)


Chinese Commercial Code Lookup
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CCC (eg. 0589 2817 2502):    



CCC was used in the old days for transmitting Chinese text over Electronic Telegraphic/Cable. With the advance in computer communications, there is little need to use CCC/CTC for communicating in Chinese. But for non-Chinese speeking countries, there is still a need to identify a Chinese person's name without using Chinese Characters. CCC has been used by those countries in visa and immigration applications. We provided this lookup utility here for your convenience. The data for the lookup are sourced from unihan.txt of For more information on the history of CTC, please read Jim Reeds' CTC page.

There are total of 9297 Chinese Commercial Codes defined, of which 2593 codes represent different Chinese characters in Mainland and in Taiwan/Hong Kong. Codes below 7902 are caused by the fact of Mainland Chinese character simplification. Such as ccc:0948 --> 国 U+56FD (CN) / 國 U+570B (TW/HK). Due to un-coordinated extension of original codes, codes above 7902 can respresent totally different characters in Mainland and in Taiwan/Hong Kong. Such as ccc:9154 --> 舺 U+823A (CN) / 螵 U+87B5 (TW/HK)

For your convenience, we have created the Chinese Telegraphic Code Book for Mainland China and the Chinese Telegraphic Code Book for Taiwan and Hong Kong

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