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(Version 1.50)

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Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP - any language versions
(Mac/Unix not supported)

What is NJStar Asian Explorer?
 NJStar Asian Explorer is a FREE web browser just like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Apart from the normal web browsing functions, this program is specially designed for reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) web pages with intelligent NJStar CJK auto-detection technologies, giving you a hassle-free CJK web browsing experience.

Used in conjunction with our best-selling NJStar Communicator, it enables you to view, input and save CJK web pages with unprecedented control and ease.

Functions / Features
 Read Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) web pages with character auto-detection:
  • Auto Detect is all you need to set when you read CJK web pages - no more juggling through the setting of "View", "Encoding" on your MS IE browser!

  • CJK Input allows you to type Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters directly into the CJK web page. (requires NJStar Communicator)

  • Fix It! allows you to read/convert mix-code web pages such as discussion forum / bbs bord with both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese characters on the same page.

  • Chinese Auto-Conversion enables you to read/convert Simplified Chinese web page in Traditional Chinese format and otherwise. (requires NJStar Communicator)

  • Copy as.../Paste as... allows you to copy/paste the web contents in either Simplified Chinese or in Traditional Chinese format at will.

  • Keyword Search allows easy keyword search in the URL "Address" field matching the CJK code used for the keyword.

  • IE Enhanced Features has fixed the following Microsoft IE bugs:
  • getting "?????" when copying from IE to other programs
  • not displaying CJK in browser title-bar
  • not displaying CJK in bookmark/favorites
 Grab news headlines from news/media web sites worldwide!!
Nobody would expect to explore the world's biggest library page by pag, yet that's exactly what it is like trying to get around the news/media sites on the net.

With the program's multi-threading/multi-tasking "Grab News" function runing in the background, you can surf the web the normal way, while the worldwide news headlines are collected in a couple of minutes. With this unique feature, you will save over 99% of the time spent on perusing online news items site by site.
  • Grab News is all you need to click to get the current newspaper headlines from around the world.

  • Configure and grab your own news: you can also configure to grab your own news pages by editing (adding/removing) the sub-folder entries inside "Favorites - !Grab News!".

    To grab your own news, you need to hold the <Ctrl> key then click the "Grab News" button.

New Feature! Use Asian Explorer to access Chinese domain names

Now you can use the new version of Asian Explorer (Version 1.50) to access Chinese domains!

Just like what you do to access English web sites, all you need is simply typing your Chinese domain names (example:繁 體 中 文 域 名 .公 司 / 繁 體 中 文 域 名 .com) into the address bar of Asian Explorer, and press "Enter" ---- then off you go! Asian Explorer will automatically direct you to the web site corresponding to the Chinese domain you have entered.

This newly enhanced function, along with other powerful tools, makes Asian Explorer the unique web brower in the world, especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean web users, and the first web brower in the world that enables Chinese domain accessibility. (For multilingual domain registration and related services, please click here.)

Test drive now! (Install Asian Explorer first, then use it to access the following links)

南極星.com 澳洲唐人街.com
南極星.net 中文.net
南極星.公司 南極星.网絡

Free Download
 NJStar Asian Explorer is freeware and can be downloaded from the following site(s)

 To realise Asian Explorer's full capability, it is strongly recommended that you also download and install the demo version (shareware) of NJStar Communicator.

Privacy Statement: No Personal Information are Collected by this Software
Users are advised that by installing NJStar Asian Explorer, a Browser Helper Object (BHO) for internet explorer is installed. This BHO gethers statistics on the Chinese webpages you visitied. For every 1000 visited Chinese webpages, this BHO reports only the top 10 Chinese websites you have visited to www.ChineseTop100.com in order to Rank the popularity of Global Chinese Websites. Even though every BHO is identified as Spyware by antiSpyware software, you are 100% assured that no personal information (such as name, address, email, ip etc...) are collected/reported by this software. We respect your privacy. This BHO can be sefely removed using your ansiSpyware, or you can remove it manually.

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