NJStar Communicator Version 3.30

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Powerful CJK language software for all your CJK language needs on Windows.
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Simple on Interface, Big on Features

NJStar Communicator enables Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) language input, display, print and conversions on your English or other western Windows. There is no need to reboot or install a separate Microsoft Chinese/Japanese/Korean Windows any more!

NJStar Communicator Includes:

  • NJStar CJK Multilingual Viewer
  • NJStar Chinese Input Method Editor
  • NJStar Japanese Input Method Editor
  • NJStar Korean Input Method Editor
  • NJStar Universal Code Convertor
  • NJStar Express Mail - Send CJK message as Picture
  • NJStar SMTP local server for Express Mail

NJStar Communicator Unique Features:

System Requirements:

  • Windows 8/8.1/7/XP/Vista, Win Server 2003/2008/2012
    (Mac/Unix/Linux version not available)
  • 50MB hard disk space.
NJStar Communicator CJK encoding selection interface
NJStar Chinese Input Bar

View Simplified Chinese website in Traditional

There are half of the Chinese websites in simplified Chinese characters, traditional in another. If you prefer to read only in one of the two, NJStar communicator is here to help you automatically. Please use 'Chinese Auto Traditional' or 'Chinese Auto Simplified' viewer mode.

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Support over 70,000 Chinese Characters

Chinese language has a profound history and yet new characters are being invented as we speak. Old encoding system fails to accomodate all the CJK characters. Ever had trouble typing out the character in your mind? Worry not. Based on Unicode 6, NJStar Communicator is the one stop solution to all your CJK character input problem.

Search/Browse CJK Web Sites

Find useful Chinese, Japanese and Korean resources online for your research project; search with CJK native language characters on Yahoo/Google search Engine.

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Read & Write CJK anywhere!

Compose Word documents, Excel spreadsheet or anywhere at your command in Japanese, Chinese or Korean language, and Correspond with your clients in Japan, China/Taiwan/Hong Kong and Korea.

Multiple Input Methods

Being able to understand CJK language is nice, being able to write is better. The art of language will be far less appealing without being able to interact with others. Our software includes multiple input methods built specificly for different sets of Chinese characters such as for simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Hongkong Chinese . It is the perfect solution when it comes to Chinese document processing. Chinese IME: Pinyin, Zhuyin, Cantonese, Cangjie, Wubi, Four Corners, etc. Japanese IME: Romaji, etc. Korean IME: Hangul etc.

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Support Multiple CJK Encodings

Ever had trouble in displaying CJK messages properly in email, or non-Unicode application? It is normally due the difference in encoding standard being applied on the text. NJStar communicator can vasatilely converts the unreadable gibberish back to CJK characters. It saves your time to understand the meaning of orginal CJK text.

View CJK Audio/Video Title

View Chinese, Japanese and Korean Audio/Video Titles in Winamp, Real-Player, Windows-Media-Player, etc.

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Fix CJK Song Title in iTune for iPhone/iPod

Apple's iPhone and iPod are not able to display CJK dbcs encoded Song titles and artist's name in iPhone/iPod. NJStar Communicator can help you to convert the Song titles in iTune from any dbcs encoding to Unicode. Once synchronized to iPhone/iPod, CJK titles will be displayed correctly