NJStar Japanese WP FAQ

What is the differences between NJStar Communicator and NJStar Word Processor?

Although you can use NJStar Communicator to input Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text. it is not intend to be a complete solution for CJK word processing.

NJStar Communicator is designed to allow you to make ad hoc CJK input, such as into web search engine and short email messaging etc. It has no CJK true type fonts included. Nor has it got dictionary functions as NJStar word processors.

Running NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP on Linux under WINE

NJStar WP Version 6 can now work on Linux under WINE 1.x+. WINE is a free open source program that allows running of most Windows programs on Linux.  After WINE is installed, you can simply download NJStar from here, then run it to setup NJStar on Linux. We have tested it successfully on Centos 5+, Fedora 9+, OpenSuse 11+ and Ubuntu 8+. Here are some screenshots.

How to Install NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP on Apple Mac OSX

Download the NJStar WP trial version for Max OSX

Click the link below to start download on Mac OSX

  Download NJStar Chinese WP for Mac 
  Download NJStar Japanese WP for Mac
After the downloading is finished, your will find a red NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP App icon in your Mac's Download folder. You can click this icon to start NJStar WP. You may also move this icon to your desktop or Applications folder later.

If your Mac has the highest security settings, you may get an error message saying that "NJStar WP can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store". In this case, you can right click on the NJStar App icon and select 'Open' from popup menu.