Applying Business Visa of the US in China

Applying Business Visa of the US in China

Type of visa: Business visa;

Handling time: 10 working days;

Period of validity: Approved by the embassy

Retention period: Approved by the embassy

Letter of invitation: Not required

Visa interview: Required

Scope of handling:

Notes on handling of required materials

1. Passport: Original copy of a passport for private use with a period of validity for above 6 months; and if the applicant holds a renewed passport, please provide all original copies of old passports

2. Photos: 3 recent two-inch colored photos with a white background, the photo size of 35x45 mm (size of the photo for passport) taken in recent six months

3. Application form for visa: Download the personal information sheet for visa on China Visa Information Net and fill it out completely

4. ID card: Please duplicate the front and back sides of the ID card with A4 paper

5. Household register: A duplicate copy of the household register of the whole family (including the main page of household register). If the registered permanent residence of the spouse is not included in this household register, a duplicate copy of household register of the spouse's whole family shall be included, and an English translation shall be attached

6. Business license: If the unit of the applicant is a business entity, a clear duplicate copy of the business license should be provided (printed onA4 paper), and the copy of the business license shall include the records of annual inspection record, attached with a seal of the unit, an English translation shall be attached.

7. Dispatch letter from a unit: The dispatch letter shall be printed with the unit formal letterhead, attached with the seal of the unit, and the signature of the person in charge (the position title should be indicated)

8. Other materials required: A duplicate copy of the marriage certificate (if any), business card or employee's card, the recent half year or one year payroll bill for, the recent half year or one year statement of account for your various bank cards, duplicate copy of personal asset certificates such as deposit book, real estate, negotiable securities and cars, the more favorable materials, the better.

9. Materials to be provided by the inviting party Huayiwang Translation Co., Ltd.: original copy or scanned copy or fax copy of the invitation letter by Huayiwang Translation Co., Ltd.

Notes on handling

☆ If the "business visa of the US--business traveling" doesn’t meet your requirement, please visit:

☆ Those need to apply for a business visa from the US for business travelling, business visit and business negotiation in the US shall have an invitation letter.

The applicant shall prepare a business invitation letter from the US inviting party as well as the information of the Chinese unit

☆ The applicant shall submit and accept the interview in person; Our office will be responsible for reviewing the visa materials, filling out the forms, translating, and enhancing your visa approval rate.

☆ The charge of "the US business visa" includes visa fee, service charge and invoice

☆ The handling time is around 5 working days, which is the handling time of the official institution under a normal situation, this term is not legally binding.

☆ Period of validity: Approved by the embassy; retention period: Approved by the embassy. all the information herein is for reference only and doesn’t constitute a legal commitment. The content of visa issued by the embassy or consulate general of the US shall be taken as the only legal base.

☆All contents made in the disclaimer shall be accepted with your own careful reading and consideration, if you entrust China Visa Info Net to proceed with "business visa of the US--business traveling" for you.


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