NJStar Chinese WP Version 6.30


NJStar Chinese WP is a Chinese Word Processor with Chinese language learning and teaching functions built in. It works on Microsoft Windows and Linux under WINE. A trial version is available below as free download. Professional editions are available with plenty of NJStar Chinese Opentype Fonts.
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Why NJStar Chinese WP ?

Learning another language is a wonderful opportunity to broaden one’s view and exposure to another country’s community, literature and culture. It is a magnificent adventure which will be proven to be beneficial for a life time, including your career and self-cultivation. However, completing such a quest is not an achievement that can be accomplished in a matter of days. It normally takes years to master another language. That is why you need a long term companion to travel along with you. NJStar provides a powerful software which offers many handy tools to enhance your Chinese learning experience. It provides assistance and guidance as you are achieving your goals.


Main Features of NJStar Chinese WP

Your Perfect Learning Guide: Radical Lookup

We know English but want to learn Chinese, but the two belong to different language families. The most distinctive difference is character structure. With the knowledge of neither pronunciation nor the meaning, Chinese characters may seem impossible to learn, even with a translation software. What is the right way to start?

We address this issue accordingly to our user’s demands. Unlike English, which consists of 26 alphabetical characters, Chinese characters consists of side components. Radical Look up allows you to look up a character based on the components of the specific character you're searching for. This means that as long as you know what the character looks like you will be able to search for it in our dictionary. You will be able to explore the meaning of different characters in as easy as several clicks and learn the language with a unique perspective.

Word Annotation and Dictionaries

With a sizable vocabulary, being able to comprehend the meaning of any form of literature smoothly would be much desirable. NJStar WP provides multiple ways to assist you when it comes to learning the Chinese language by removing the obstacles on your way.

That is why we offer the essentials: Bilingual Dictionary, which translate English to Chinese and vice versa; Popup Dictionary, which shows the meaning of the highlighted words; and Input bar Dictionary, which guarantee your input gives the correct meaning. Word annotation extracts all the key words of the whole paragraph and has their meaning and Pinyin displayed in a separate file along with the original document, saving you the time to record them manually.

A database of over 70,000 Chinese Characters

Chinese language has a profound history and yet new characters are being invented as we speak. Old encoding system fails to accomodate the latests. Ever had trouble typing out the character in your mind? Worry not. NJStar Communicator is the one stop solution to all your character input problem.

Hanzi to Pinyin

Need help with pronunciation but don’t want to look it up from the dictionary? No problem. The Hanzi to Pinyin functionality cover the highlighted character to pinyin with tones. Fluent reading becomes achievable!

Good for input: Multiple Input Methods

Being able to understand is nice, being able to deliver is better. The art of language will be far less appealing without being able to interact with others. Are you ready to write your first Chinese article?

Our package has multiple build-in Pinyin based input methods such as Standard Pinyin, Zhuyin, double Pinyin, online Pinyin etc. It also has multiple words built-in specially for different sets of Chinese characters such as in Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Traditional Chinese and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese . It is the perfect solution when it comes to Chinese document processing.

Calligraphy Stroking

In addition, our WP also contains printable strokes by stroke calligraphy which allows you to go beyond the learning experience on computer. Therefore, NJStar is the one stop solution to all your Chinese input demands.

Some degree of similarity with MS office interface

We are at our best performance with the environment which we are most familiar with. Instead of throwing you into the pool to make you learn a completely different software, why not adapt to the most accepted word processing standard in the world?

You may feel very welcomed the first sight you glance on the NJStar WP as it launches. We had all the functionality described above integrated with subversion of Microsoft word processer. It ensures the user would be comfortable with the interface and focus on the language learning experience. A package of language learning software along with a powerful document processing software. This is an offer you could not miss.

Good for teaching: Customizable Teaching rules

You may have built a career on teaching Chinese and want to enhance the teaching quality even further for excellence. NJStar WP offers the opportunity for you to take a step further to gain the competitive edge in your career.

Our WP will help you to deliver the world class multi-dimensional learning experience. It allows customization such as enable/disable dictionary annotation or spells check, enforce full consonant and vowel input and more constraint to make sure your student know exactly what they are doing. It is the perfect teach assistance.

By ignoring NJStar WP's formatting commands, you can also use NJStar as a Chinese Text Editor.