NJStar Chinese Website Converter 3.3

Automatically converts a whole traditional Chinese website to a simplified Chinese website in real time, and vice versa.



Most Chinese users are usually educated in either Simplified Chinese (with less strokes in a character as used in China, Singapore, Malaysia) or Traditional Chinese (with more strokes in the same character as used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the rest of world). When a Chinese user browses the Internet, he/she prefers to read Chinese characters in only one form (Simplified Chinese OR Traditional Chinese). In order to cater for both groups of Chinese users, all Chinese websites should have both Simplified and Traditional versions.

The two forms of Chinese character writings, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, are quite different and create a lot of challenges for many companies, libraries and government agencies to serve web content to both groups of Chinese readers. Developing and maintaining two versions of Chinese database systems cost a significant amount of time and resources. More importantly, these duplicated databases can become error-prone (such as miss-matched records) over time.

NJStar has identified these needs, and we have developed a unique web service called "NJStar Chinese Website Convertor" (NJCWC). It can convert EVERY page of ANY Chinese website, in real time, from simplified to traditional Chinese, and vice versa. Therefore, an organization who utilizes such a service will only need to manage and store one version of Chinese characters (simplified or traditional) in their database. This will save an organization costs and time in terms of content editing, data-conversion, error checking and synchronization efforts. Both labor costs and human errors are greatly reduced or even eliminated, and the end result is a more efficient, effective and easily managed system.



The Move Towards Web 2.0

More and more websites are moving toward Web 2.0, in which web contents are stored in database, and web pages are generated dynamically. The cost of maintaining both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese versions of such dynamic website is almost double that of maintaining a single Chinese version. With the help of NJCWC, a website owner can concentrate on maintaining only one version, and let NJStar create the other version automatically and accurately in real time.


How does NJCWC work?

Suppose a Simplified Chinese website is currently hosted at www.mycompany.com, we will setup an independent website at an IP address with a temporary sub-domain of mycompany.njstar.net for testing purpose. You can point a subdomain of yours, such as tc.mycompany.com, to the IP address. Then the traditional version of your website is now available at http://tc.mycompany.com.

When an user visits the traditional site, for example the page: http://tc.mycompany.com/anyfolder/anywebpage.html, NJCWC will :

  • Get the simplified page http://www.mycompany.com/anyfolder/anywebpage.html from your original web server on user's behalf.
  • Convert the webpage from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese.
  • Fix up all the links in the webpage, so any subsequent click will be directed to the traditional website.
  • Fix up all the Javascripts in the webpage, so any links created by Javascripts will be corrected to refer to the traditional website.
  • Fix up all non-text (Images, PDF and Flashes) URL, so both simplfied and traditional versions can be served correctly by the original web server.
  • Send the final converted web page back to the user.
  • If the user's request contains Chinese text in forms of POST data or GET uri, NJCWC will convert it back to the encoding that your original website expects, then send it to your web server for processing.

In this way, your original Chinese web server does not need to know or aware that the existance of the traditional version. But for the users convenience, you can add a link to the traditional website from the original website.

Traditional website to simplified website conversion works in the same way, except conversion in the other direction.


Main Features


  • COST SAVING: Eliminates the associated costs and inevitable human handling error in maintaining two Chinese language versions for your web content and web based database search/lookup engines;
  • SMART CONVERSION: Simplified and Traditional Chinese bi-directional conversion with intelligent one-to-many characters mapping;
  • VERSATILE: Converts static and dynamic web contents, such as form based user submission as well as keyword search/lookup conversion;
  • Supports all popular Operating Systems: Linux, BSD, Solaris, Unix and Windows
    NJCWC is developed as a Perl Module to work under Apache web server. We can install it on any OS where Apache is installed.
  • Supports all web programing languages: PHP, ASP, ASP.net , Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc...
    Regardness which programing language you have used for your website, NJCWC is able to do the conversion because it's independent of your origional website. NJCWC converts all standard web documents, such as HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Supports all popular Chinese web page encodings :

    Double Bytes:
    GB2312, GBK, GB18030, Big5, Big5-HKSCS (2008)

    There are many un-commonly used characters in GB or Big5 that can not be converted to the other code. NJCWC perserves those characters by encoding it in Unicode HTML code instead output as square boxes.

    Unicode (8.0): UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE - Support Unihan, CJK Ext. A, B & C.

    Unlike other similar tools, we do not convert Unicode to Double Byte encodings. We are doing Simplified / Traditional Chinese conversion at Unicode level, so there will be no character getting lost or mis-converted.
  • Supports both normal and secure (HTTP and HTTPS) protocols;
  • Supports "POST" and "GET" methods;
  • Supports Javascripts;
  • Supports cookie;
  • Supports user authorization (htaccess control);
  • Ability to specify the image/media file folders for simplified and traditional version. This is only necessary if you want to make pictures, PDF files and Flash files for both simplified and traditional Chinese version.
  • Ability to keep some Chinese characters un-converted if you wish so, such as keep " 简体 " even in Traditional site.


How to Test ?

Please click the following URL links to see the NJStar Chinese Website Converter in live action:

  1. Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese: http://www.chinese.net.au/
  2. Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese: https://www.interactivebrokers.com.hk/

If you like to evaluate how NJStar Chinese Website Converter works for your website, please contact sales @ njstar.com for a demo version.


License Methods

Software Only

Suitable for companies or organizations who want to run the NJStar Converter on their own servers.

  1. Per domain License: works for the licensed domain and it's sub-domains.
  2. Per IP license: works for all the domains and sub-domains that have the same IP.

Please contact us for the latest pricing and customization services.