Chinese Master Version 4.51


Master Your Chinese with ChineseMaster

ChineseMaster is a helpful tool for learning Chinese. It has been designed to help students to learn a large number of Chinese characters as quickly as possible. All characters come with mandarin pronunciation recorded by native speakers. It helps you practice Chinese by speaking aloud.


Main Functions:

  1. The basic pronunciations of all Pinyin Initials and Finals;
  2. Pinyin Pronunciation and English translation of 3500 commonly used simplified Chinese characters and related phrases;
  3. Animation of stroke orders of 305 simplified Chinese characters;
  4. 34 lessons with 1000 sentences of daily communications, comes with reading, Pinyin and English translations;
  5. A Chinese-English dictionary;
  6. Convert Chinese characters, words, sentences into Pinyin;
  7. Lot of reading comprehension, including 300 Tang poems, idiom stories, jokes, tongue twisters;
  8. Works well on English Windows, Chinese and Japanese Windows, No Chinese supporting system needed.
  9. On-line update.


User Interface

Chinese Master User Interface


Free Download

Demo version of Chinese Master can be downloaded directly from here



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  • Discounts towards purchasing of other NJStar Software;
  • You'll be supporting good software and providing more incentives for the developer to make ChineseMaster an even better program.

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About Developer

ChineseMaster is developed and copyrighted by Mr. Zenglin Wan (Postal address: Jiangyin Yuxin Soft Company, NO.51 Changjiang Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China). NJStar Software provides user the sales support and registration. If you have any query about ChineseMaster, pleasecontact us.