NJStar CJK Viewer (NJWIN) Version 1.96


Note: On Windows 7/8/10, NJWIN has been replaced by NJStar Communicator

What is NJWIN CJK Viewer?

NJWIN is a "plugin" software designed to enable normal windows programs to display and print Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) characters under the standard English and Western Windows environment.

All Chinese / Japanese / Korean (CJK) coding standards are supported in NJWIN, and coding can be switched on the fly from one to another depending on the document being viewed.

The Internet is the fastest growing communication network today. Therefore, many of NJWIN's features are designed specifically for Internet. As the result, NJWIN is the best Internet CJK viewer for browsing CJK Web pages, reading CJK news in UseNet newsgroups and reading CJK email messages.

If you need CJK input function as well as CJK reading, please check out our more advanced and best-selling software product - NJStar Communicator.

What's Cool

  • The Easiest CJK Viewer with simple User Interface
  • The Fastest CJK Viewer Available - Saving your time and money
  • The Smallest CJK Viewer - The Smaller the Better.
  • Automatic Detection of Various Internal Codes within a Language.
  • Supports All Types of Asian Encoding Standards.
  • Supports All Windows Platforms.
  • The Only CJK Viewer that Converts Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese with Artificial Intelligence. Solves One-to-Many Character Mapping Problem in real-time.

Supported Languages

NJWIN enables the user to view Chinese, Japanese and Korean Text under any windows program. Within languages, automatic internal code detections have been implemented where feasible to reduce the need to change settings.

  • Chinese Internal codes supported:
    • Big5 - commonly used in Taiwan and Hong Kong for traditional Chinese writing.
    • GB - commonly used in China and Singapore for simplified Chinese writing.
    • GBK - commonly used in China for handling both simplified/traditional Chinese.
    • HZ - a popular Internet convention for encoding GB text, popular in newsgroup and email.
    • ISO-2022-GB - an emerging new international Internet standard for encoding Chinese text.
    • Unicode / UTF8 / UTF7.
  • Japanese Internal codes supported:
    • Shift JIS - the most popular internal code used in Japan (used in Mac and Windows).
    • EUC-JIS - A coding standard very popular on UNIX based Systems and in PC software.
    • 7-Bit JIS - including NEW-JIS, OLD-JIS and NEC-JIS. New-JIS is similar to ISO-2022.
    • ISO-2022-JP - an emerging new international Internet standard for encoding Japanese text.
    • Unicode / UTF8 / UTF7.
  • Korean internal code supported:
    • KSC5601 - The most popular internal code used in Korea.
    • ISO-2022-KR - an emerging new international Internet standard for encoding Korean text.
    • Unicode / UTF8 / UTF7.
  • ISO-2022 encoded text is automatically detected within each language selection.

Download Demo Version

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