About NJStar Software Company

NJStar Software Company was founded in 1991. Since its inception, the Sydney based company has come a long way to its present success and popularity among Asian software users worldwide.

We accredit the fast growth of NJStar to the power of the internet, as well as to our own commitment to the highest quality of our products and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

NJStar's Speciality

  • NJStar specializes in developing Asian language software for both Windows and internet applications. Our products, such as NJStar Chinese Word Processor,NJStar Japanese Word Processor and NJStar Communicator are very popular tools for Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) web page and email viewing and editing. Many universities and language schools worldwide have also licensed them as ideal tools for Asian teaching and learning.
  • NJStar technology features unique design and and innovative software development thinking, making NJStar software a outstanding success in Chinese/Japanese/Korean language support worldwide. NJStar’s trademark product, NJStar Communicator, with its broad-base support of popular Windows and internet programs such as Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and email software, featuring unique Asian language automatic detection and conversion functionalities, has long been enjoying tremendous popularity among global Asian language communities.

Multilingual Services

As internet usage penetrates deeper into multilingual communities, to make internet address more meaningful and easy to remember, NJStar has initiated multilingual domain name registration service in year 2000. Web designers can now register and use native Asian language web site addresses at NJStar’s multilingual domain registration web site,www.unicodedn.com, NJStar strives to offer its customers unparalleled ease in multilingual domain registration and related services. A free web browser, NJStar Asian Explorer, enables the immediate resolution of multilingual or native language domain names.

E-commerce Model

NJStar is also an internet company, as more than 90% of its business are conducted online. NJStar endeavors to create a convenient environment for customers to evaluate and order NJStar products easily and securely, and offers 24/7 technical support whenever required. With the internet as a backbone, NJStar is making full use of all possible resources to enable an extremely comfortable and enjoyable multilingual online experience.

High Profile

It can be safely said that NJStar software has become one of the most successful stories of its kind. The world’s most popular search engines such as Yahoo and Googleranks NJStar the #1 choice in both "Chinese Software" and "Japanese Software" search results; Dian Nao Bao (Computer News Paper), the most prestigious IT newspaper in China, ranks NJStar software the first place among all Chinese software globally; Microsoft recommends NJStar products as the best choice for Chinese software users; most Chinese newspapers publishing houses worldwide are using NJStar software for data entry and editing; many educational institutes including Harvard University choose NJStar software as their Asian language teaching tools. NJStar has been widely accepted by Asian software users, and history has seen its fast growth due to its unbeatable design quality and exceptional support services.

NJStar's Vision

IT industry is constantly evolving. NJStar must try its best to be sensitive and responsive to any emerging changes in this highly specialized field, to take every need of its customers into account.