NJStar Chinese WP FAQ

NJStar WP for MacOS will not work after upgrade to MacOS v10.15 Catalina

After upgraded to v10.15 Catalina, NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP for Mac will not work. In fact, all the Wine based Apps on MacOS v10.15 will not work

There is a major change in MacOS v10.15 Catalina that it removes the support for all 32 bit apps. This situation can not be solved until upstream Wine developers has found a solution in the future.

Currently, in order to to use NJStar WP, one can only


1. Downgrade MacOS to previous version (v10.14), or

2. Use Windows 10.

How to download NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP for Apple macOS v10.12 Sierra or Newer

Because Apple Mac Sierra has increased the security measures for internet downloaded files, Please follow the steps to download NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP for macOS Sierra v10.12+.

  1. Download the NJStar Chinese WP or NJStar Japanese WP for Apple Mac.
    After downloading is finished, Mac will automatically extract NJStar WP from the zip file into Mac's Download folder.
  2. Please move/drag the "NJStar WP" icon to another folder, such as ~/Desktop or ~/Applications (this is IMPORTANT for macOS v10.12+ Sierra)
  3. Please RIGHT click the "NJStar WP" icon and then select 'Open' to run (for the first time only).

That is it! Once the above steps are done, you can run NJStar WP in the future normally by clicking on the NJStar icon.

I bought NJStar WP Pro version with TTF fonts, but I can't select TTF fonts to use

There may be two issues:

  1. You can not find the TTF fonts
    Please choose TTF fonts from the "font box" on the NJStar format TOOL-BAR (you may need to scroll upwards to find these fonts);
  2. You can select the TTF fonts but there is no change on the screen:
    By default, NJStar WP uses bitmap font for smaller font sizes (such as size 12) because bitmap font is faster to load and clearer to see on screen in smaller sizes.

    You can overwrite this setting by going through "Tools", "Options...", "General", then unchecking "Using bitmap font for TTF when characters are too small".

However, the above (bitmap screen display) option does not stop you from printing TTF characters, as it only affect the characters' on-screen display.

What is the differences between NJStar Communicator and NJStar Word Processor?

Although you can use NJStar Communicator to input Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text. it is not intend to be a complete solution for CJK word processing.

NJStar Communicator is designed to allow you to make ad hoc CJK input, such as into web search engine and short email messaging etc. It has no CJK true type fonts included. Nor has it got dictionary functions as NJStar word processors.

Howto mix both simplified and traditional Chinese characters in the same document

In NJStar Chinese WP 6, Unicode is used as internal code, so both simplified and traditional Chinese characters can be mixed easily in the same document. You just need to switch NJStar Chinese WP to simplified or traditional Chinese character input as needed. Once a character is inserted into the document, it will stay the same until you use simplified or traditional conversion function to convert it.