I bought NJStar WP Pro version with TTF fonts, but I can't select TTF fonts to use

There may be two issues:

  1. You can not find the TTF fonts
    Please choose TTF fonts from the "font box" on the NJStar format TOOL-BAR (you may need to scroll upwards to find these fonts);
  2. You can select the TTF fonts but there is no change on the screen:
    By default, NJStar WP uses bitmap font for smaller font sizes (such as size 12) because bitmap font is faster to load and clearer to see on screen in smaller sizes.

    You can overwrite this setting by going through "Tools", "Options...", "General", then unchecking "Using bitmap font for TTF when characters are too small".

However, the above (bitmap screen display) option does not stop you from printing TTF characters, as it only affect the characters' on-screen display.