NJStar Communicator FAQ

What is the differences between NJStar Communicator and NJStar Word Processor?

Although you can use NJStar Communicator to input Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text. it is not intend to be a complete solution for CJK word processing.

NJStar Communicator is designed to allow you to make ad hoc CJK input, such as into web search engine and short email messaging etc. It has no CJK true type fonts included. Nor has it got dictionary functions as NJStar word processors.

Input Chinese/Japanese/Korean into google GMAIL

There is no reported problem using NJStar Communicator v3 on Windows 7/8/10.

[Old Info] In the new version of Google's Gmail, there are some problems for NJStar Communicator 2.75 to input directly into Gmail message box. The problem is there because new Gmail message box does not process windows unicode input messages correctly.

There are two solutions to work around this problem before Google fix the bug.

1. Change NJStar Communicator v2.75 IME settings to enable the option

HOWTO: convert DBCS filename to Unicode filename

I used NJStar Communicator 2.0-3 on Windows 9x/ME and created some CJK file names, now I upgraded to Windows 7/8/10, but can not read those file names.

When used on WIndows 9x/ME, NJStar Communicator 2.0 to 2.30 created file name in double bytes, this is not standard and can only be viewed using v2.0-3. In order to make CJK file name to standard Unicode, Version 3 has changed to created file name in Unicode, so the file can be opened in other windows. Here are how you can convert a double byte file name to Unicode: