NJStar Communicator FAQ

HOWTO: Display MP3 Chinese GB/Big5 Song Titles in iPhone/iPod and Sony PSP

On Windows, NJStar Communicator can help you view the GB/Big5 Chinese Music/Song Titles in iTune or Explorer. But when the music is synced to iPod/iPhone, the Chinese titls can not be displayed correctly. This is because that Apple's iPod or iPhone requires the MP3 ID Tags to be encoded in Unicode. The current known solution is to convert the MP3 file's ID Tag from GB/Big5 to Unicode before sync to teh device.

For iPhone or iPod

With the release of NJStar Communicator v2.75, it is very easy to correct the DBCS song titles directly in iTune. Here are the 4 easy steps:

  1. Change NJStar communicator viewer code settings (eg GB, Big5) so the unreadable title can be viewed correctly in iTune;
  2. Click the title and let it go into editing mode, highlight all the text, do a copy (Ctrl+C) and then Paste (Ctrl+V);
  3. Click somewhere else to end the editing - That's it, the DBCS title has been converted to Unicode;
  4. Now sync with your iPod or iPhone, the Chinese song titles should be displayed correctly.