HOWTO: convert Traditional Chinese Word file to Simplified Chinese with format preserved

Use NJStar Chinese WP 6

  1. in NJStar Chinese WP 6, open the DOCX file, or copy the Word document to NJStar WP, highlight all the text.
  2. Press 'Convert to Simplified/Traditional Chinese' command under Tools menu, or press the [简] or [繁] button on NJStar tool bar.

Use NJStar Communicator 3

  1. Save the original traditional Chinese document as "Rich Text Format" RTF file;
  2. Star NJStar Communicator's "Universal Code Convertor";
  3. Click on "Text in Files(s)" radio button and select the RTF file in step1;
  4. Select "Unicode RTF" from the left and right windows, and check "Simplified Chinese" in the middle, then click "Convert Files".

You can do the same to convert simplified Chinese document to traditional one.