HOWTO: convert DBCS filename to Unicode filename

I used NJStar Communicator 2.0-3 on Windows 9x/ME and created some CJK file names, now I upgraded to Windows 7/8/10, but can not read those file names.

When used on WIndows 9x/ME, NJStar Communicator 2.0 to 2.30 created file name in double bytes, this is not standard and can only be viewed using v2.0-3. In order to make CJK file name to standard Unicode, Version 3 has changed to created file name in Unicode, so the file can be opened in other windows. Here are how you can convert a double byte file name to Unicode: 

  • switch nj viwer to ANSI/No CJK
  • copy the double byte (GB for example) file name
  • using NJStar Universal code convertor to convert GB to Unicode UCS2
  • switch nj viwer to Chinese GB
  • edit the file name by pasting the Unicode
  • now the file name is in Unicode, and can be viewed in NJCOM 3 or other windows like Windows 7/8/10