What is the differences between NJStar Communicator and NJStar Word Processor?

Although you can use NJStar Communicator to input Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text. it is not intend to be a complete solution for CJK word processing.

NJStar Communicator is designed to allow you to make ad hoc CJK input, such as into web search engine and short email messaging etc. It has no CJK true type fonts included. Nor has it got dictionary functions as NJStar word processors.

On the other hand, NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP is designed to be a stand alone advanced Chinese/Japanese word processing tool. It includes many features that are unique to it, such as a very useful and comprehensive 2-way lookup English-Chinese/Japanese dictionary, optional support of Chinese/Japanese true type fonts which enables it to display and print beautifully smooth Chinese/Japanese characters in larger sizes. It is a Chinese/Japanese teaching/learning tool as well with language learning functions such as "Convert Hanzi to Pinyin with Tones" and "Kanji of the day".

If you would like to order both NJStar WP and NJStar Communicator, you will only pay HALF price for NJStar Communicator.