HOWTO: enter Pinyin with tone marks in Microsoft Word using NJStar Communicator

Start NJStar Communicator's Chinese Input bar, then select "Dai4 Diao4 Pinyin" from the input method button;

Enter full Pinyin spelling with tone numbers (1-5), then press Space bar. For example,

typing " bu4 dao4 chang2 cheng2 fei1 hao3 han4 " will output following in Word

dào cháng chéng fēi hǎo hàn

If you are using Word 2000/97,  please select font "Lucida Sans" since it contains all the tone marks.

In fact, NJStar communicator can input tone marks not only in Microsoft Office, but also in all Unicode enabled applications such as Internet Explorer, FireFox browser, Outlook, OpenOffice, ThunderBird mail client etc...