NJStar Chinese WP FAQ

HOWTO: enter Pinyin with Tone Marks in NJStar Chinese WP

To enter Pinyin with tone marks:

  • Switch your input method to "Input", "Online Pinyin";
  • Type pinyin with tone numbers. For example, nan2 ji2 xing1. Press [Shift+Space] for each pinyin conversion.

You can also convert a block of Chinese characters to Pinyin with tone marks by using "Tools", "Convert hanzi to pinyin".

HOWTO: find the Chinese Commercial Code for a Chinese character

In some ID or VISA applications, Chinese Commercial Codes (CCC, also called Chinese Telegraph Code) are required. NJStar CWP comes with "Telegraph" input method to help you input words with so called Chinese Commercial Codes/Telegraph codes. Please go to "Input"->"Other methods" and select "Telegraph".

To find a word's CCC, simply type the word via PinYin or other methods, then select Telegraph input method, highlight the word and click on "i" icon to get the "Hanzi info", then the CCC is displayed on the input bar.