HOWTO: input Pinyin with tones in Chinese IME

NJStar Pinyin input method can be used with or without tones (default without).

  1. If you choose the tone mode, you simplify type number 1,2,3,4,5 after full pinyin to specify the tones. But if you want to select a character from the list before entering the tone, you have to hold ALT key, and then press number 1,2,...9.0 to select.
  2. If you are in the default mode (without tone), you can press a number to select from list as soon as any Chinese characters are listed. If you also want to specify the tone after typing pinyin, please hold the ALT key and press 1 to 5 for tone.


    東(dong1) -- Pinyin is "dong" + "Alt+1" (1st Tone)
    鵬(peng2) -- Pinyin is "peng" + "Alt+2" (2nd Tone)
    懂(dong3) -- Pinyin is "dong" + "Alt+3" (3rd Tone)
    痛(tong4)  -- Pinyin is "tong" + "Alt+4" (4th Tone)
    吗(ma5)     -- Pinyin is "ma" + "Alt+5" (Light Tone)