General FAQ

How to download NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP for Apple macOS v10.12 Sierra or Newer

Because Apple Mac Sierra has increased the security measures for internet downloaded files, Please follow the steps to download NJStar Chinese/Japanese WP for macOS Sierra v10.12+.

  1. Download the NJStar Chinese WP or NJStar Japanese WP for Apple Mac.
    After downloading is finished, Mac will automatically extract NJStar WP from the zip file into Mac's Download folder.
  2. Please move/drag the "NJStar WP" icon to another folder, such as ~/Desktop or ~/Applications (this is IMPORTANT for macOS v10.12+ Sierra)
  3. Please RIGHT click the "NJStar WP" icon and then select 'Open' to run (for the first time only).

That is it! Once the above steps are done, you can run NJStar WP in the future normally by clicking on the NJStar icon.

I have purchased NJStar online but did not get downloads, why?

There are 4 possible reasons:

  1. When you are ordering a CDROM, please check this option: "I have ordered CDROM, but I also like to download if possible (Credit Card Payment Only).", so that the download will start once your order is processed successfully. 
  2. If you have chosen to pay by cheque, money order or bank transfer, we will send you the download link and serial number after receipt of your payment.
  3. If you are using Windows XP or above, make sure to turn off the popup blocker, so that the download can start immediately when your order is processed.
  4. Sometime, there is problem with payment gateway, the credit card can not be charged automatically. Please wait for manually processing. 

How to save the download file instead of opening/installing it?

Question: When I click the download link, my browser always try to open the download file.

Answer: Use the right mouse button to click on one of the download links. You will get a pop-up menu when you do so

  1. If you use Google Chrome browserm choose "Save link as .."  option;
  2. If you use FireFox web browser, choose "Save link as..." option;
  3. If you use Microsoft IE or Edge browser, choose "Save Taget as..." option.