NJStar Chinese Text Editor

NJStar Chinese WP6 is designed to create and process a formatted document, such as NJStar document, Microsoft RTF document and Office DOCX document. By ignoring NJStar's formatting commands, you can use NJStar as a Chinese Text Editor to open/save and copy/paste Chinese text file in various formats and encodings.

Encoding Support

  • Simplified Chinese Encoding Standards: GB, GBK, GBK18030, GB_HZ.
  • Traditional Chinese Encoding Standards: Big5, Big5_HKSCS, CNS.
  • Unicode Encoding Standards: Unicode UTF8, UCS2/UTF16 (Big and Little Endian), UCS4/UTF32 (Big and Little Endian), Unicode Hex.

Line Ending Support

  • Windows/DOS format: CR LF
  • Linux/Unix/MacOSX format: LF
  • MacOSX old format: CR