Applying Canada, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand visa in China

Applying Canada, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand visa in China

Huayiwang Translation Company can handle the visa for visiting relatives in the United States, France, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Handling cycle: 5-10 working days.

Type of visa: a visa for visiting relatives, a visa for visiting friends, tourist visa and business visa

Requirements for applicant: in the domestic unit with stable income, family fixed real estate, stable bank statements or retirement pay for half a year and other good fixed assets.

Service ranges: make a free assessment for the applicant, and assess the success probability. After our experts make free assessment, probability of success below 90% will not be accepted. After signing the contract, arrange a detailed list for the applicant. Canada, New Zealand and Australia, France and Germany, all foreign materials can be directly scanned, and there is no need for mailing the originals. Provide all documents in Chinese translation, fill in a form, and send someone to deliver and take on behalf of you. There is no need for signing by the applicants and submitting their applications to the embassy in Beijing. Our headquarters of Beijing is in the vicinity of three application centers, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with 10 to 20-minutedistance. We do not accept false application materials, do not apply for a work visa for illegal job, and do not handle labor visa.

Accepted countries: USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / South Africa / Mexico / Chile / Korea / Japan / Singapore / India / Israel / UK / Austria Belgium / / Iceland / Poland / Danish / Germany / Russia / France / Finland / Dutch / Czech / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Norway / Portugal / Sweden / Switzerland / Cyprus / Spain / Greece / Hungary / Italy and so on

At the same time, handle the business visa and tourist visa.


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