Applying Germany Tourist Visa, Business Visa and Visa For Visiting Relatives and Friends in China

Applying Germany Tourist Visa, Business Visa and Visa For Visiting Relatives and Friends in China.

Process for handling the Germany visa, Germany tourist visa processing, required materials for German business visa processing 

Consultation process for Germany business visa:

1.    Consulting (network, telephone or interview) can be completed that very day to achieve cooperation intentions.

2.    According to customer's situation, guide the application of visa, develop material list of the visa for the customer, and make an appointment with German embassy.

3.    The customer submits (or by mail) application materials of visa (seen above).Express mail delivery takes about two working days.

4.    Check customer’s visa materials. If materials are not complete, contact with customers within one hour after receiving materials. Please supplement in a timely manner. If materials are complete, it will finish within four hours.

5.    Visa fee shall be collected by CITIC Bank on our behalf.

6.    After the applicant submits the complete visa materials, the visa specialist of visa center is responsible for arranging application materials, supplementing and translating the visa forms required by visa and submitting them to the consulate in a timely manner, which usually takes about 1-2 working days.

7.    The consulate requires the applicants to submit their visa materials and take part in the interview on their own, and we will assist you to complete submitting materials and visa interview.

8. After the applicant's visa materials are accepted by the consulate, it will take about 7-30 working days, but according to the situation, expedited visa processing can be carried out.

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