Authentication Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Beijing

Where to apply for a notarial verification for going abroad, authentication agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Beijing 

Since more and more citizens go abroad, the number of people who go abroad to visit relatives or friends, travel, study and go into business increases, and the needs for consular authentication of relevant documents used for going abroad also increases.

In order to facilitate the busy customers, our company also provides services of applying for a diplomatic authentication and embassy authentication for you. If it is not convenient for you to come to our company to take the authentication documents, we can use the express company to send them to your home.

In fact, no matter when fees are charged before or after, you are to pay sooner or later.  The payment time is not important. The key is that the quality of service should be guaranteed. Just think, if some units get your notarized documents, they cannot provide you with satisfactory service, and even delay your things. Let alone pay after, not paying also makes you suffer a loss, doesn’t it?

Therefore, when you entrust a unit for you to apply for authentication, you should not be too concerned about the payment time. Not to mention due to this problem you lose a chance to experience high-quality service.


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