Authentication Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1.    What documents do you need to directly handle in Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

What documents can you directly use to apply for consular authentication in the Ministry of foreign affairs?

Foreign-related notarial certificates, relevant certificates and documents that are sent abroad for use, are beyond the authentication scope of local foreign affairs office, and are issued by foreign-related notarial office, Entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and its relevant branches, and China Islamic Association.

2.    What is the "single authentication" in the China consular authentication ?

The so-called "single authentication" in the domestic consular authentication is that before foreign-related notarial certificate or business composition issued domestically intends to be sent abroad for use with the completion of consular authentication in Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or its authorized local foreign affairs office, the country that the documents shall be sent to for use notifies that there is no need for applying for the consular authentication in its embassy in China, and it can accept the documents. It is often called "single authentication".

3.    Double civil authentication 

Authentication Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the notarial certificate of birth, authentication of domestic relation, the notarial certificate of educational background, authentication of the notarial certificate of graduation certificate

Double civil authentication -- authentication of birth, authentication of being unaffected by criminal sanction, authentication of marriage status, authentication of proxy or authentication of vocational qualification and so on.

Handle for all the countries around world all year round double authentication, single authentication, civil authentication, authentication in embassy, authentication in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the process of double authentication:

Mail or visit (only provide original notarial certificate) - delivered by professional personnel- authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -certificated by embassy - return to notify the completion


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