Authentication by the US Embassy in China

Purpose of authentication: to prove that the final signature and seal by the notarization office is true on the notarization document. The purpose of proceeding with consular authentication is to make the notarization documents issued by China to be admitted by the authority of the US so that the signature or seal on the document won't be subjected to the suspicion of whether or not if it is true thus affect the legal effect of the document outside of the borders.

Types of authentication

Commercial authentications

Agency contract, power of attorney, letter of authorization, renaming of the company, invoice, customs declaration, commercial affairs certificate, packing list, patent certificate, certificate of origin, inspection and quarantine certificate, commodity inspection certificate, price list, commercial contract, incumbency certificate, export registration form, dispatch letter of the unit, and business license, etc. In a word: Documents from Chinese company that need to be authenticated by the embassy all belong to authentication of commercial documents.

Civil authentications

Graduation certificate, marriage certificate, passport, health certificate, occupational ranking certificate, ID card, personal patents, household register certificate, driver’s license, divorce certificate, education background certificate, personal entrustment, notarization of no criminal punishment, death certificate, transcript, certificate of singlehood, birth certificate, certificate of family relationship, certificate of marital status, etc. In a word, personal documents that need to be authenticated by the embassy all belong to civil authentication.


1. The original copy of notarization required

2. Both the ministry of foreign affair notarization and embassy notarization will be required

3. English translation is required.

Time needed for authentication: 15 working days

Authentication fees

Will be adjusted as per the exchange rate

Notes on handling

1. The documents for the proceeding of civil authentication by US Embassy in China shall be notarized by the notarization office first (commercial documents shall be notarized first by the trade promotion association);

2. Our office is not an authentication handling institution affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and our office only provides the US authentication handling services for those who are in urgent need and cannot go to Beijing in person to submit the proceeding applications;

3. Our office only collects service charge. The authentication charge of China Translation Net Co., Ltd. will be adjusted from time to time based on the factors such as the change of exchange rate, which shall be eventually based on the actual charge of the embassy. For detail, please contact our customer service.

4. The handling time for authenticating documents\shall be based on the actual handling by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy. Our office is only responsible for sending and receiving the notarization for our clients.

5. Our office promises to submit your documents to the institution designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within one working day after our office receives your documents with no delay.

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