German Business Visa Process

For German Business Visa, Can The Application Be Directly Submitted In China? How to Speed Up the Process?

Germany visa processing requires an online appointment in advance in order to submit an application at the scheduled time. Normally time for Germany visa processing is about 15 days. Since the recent period is the peak for applying the visa of going abroad, the time of appointment for submitting the application have been arranged to the middle of the next month. If you are busy, your schedule has been arranged and you do not want to delay the original travel plans, then I suggest you apply for expedited appointment, which can make you get a visa in advance and travel at the scheduled time.

Suggest that the applicant should make an appointment: the applicant making an appointment in advance enjoys the right of priority. The Consulate General does not guarantee to handle the application without appointment.

Please note: the applications of those who live in the area outside the jurisdiction shall be refused. If the applicant does not have pre-registration or online payment and sends the application to the receiving center, then the application materials will not be handled. Similarly, it is forbidden to directly apply in the visa office by mail. In this case, visa materials will be forwarded to the Ministry of Public Security.

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