Notarization of Power of Attorney and Statement

Notarization of power of attorney, signature, authorization and statement of the parents

Our office will help you to handle all the relevant issues without your personal presence at the site. For details, please contact our customer service.

However, for the notarization of a power of attorney and statement of parents, both legal guardians or any guardian shall come to the notarization office in person

The following materials are generally required:

1. The valid identity document of the guardians.

2. The household register of the guardians and the person under their guardianship; or the original copy of his/her personal page (s) of Register Card for Permanent Resident and a photocopy of the first page in the institutional register attached with the employer’s official seal in the case of an applicant lives in an institutional household.

3. For the format of power of attorney or statement. Different countries have different requirements on the format. Please consult with the travel agency or the embassy of the country concerned.

4. Birth certificate of the person under guardianship. Based on your situation, any one of the following three kinds of certificates can be selected as your birth certificate: ①The birth certificate letter issued by the police station of your registered residence or the unit where your personnel archives are stored; ②If your birth notarization has ever been proceeded before,  the original birth notarization can be submitted; ③birth certificate issued by a medical institute (If there are some items missing, or alteration, or the inconsistence of handwriting in your birth certificate issued by a medical institute, the birth certificate by the medical institute will only be used as an evidence along with any of other evidentiary materials).

5. The One-child Certificate can be used as an auxiliary evidential material.

Special reminder for the notarization of power of attorney and statement of parents:

Since the requirements vary due to the differences of the destination countries, please consult with the embassy or travel agency on the following questions before your notarization:

1. What types of notarization are required by the embassy of the destination country or the travel agency? For the juveniles traveling abroad often involved notarizations of birth certificate, birth certificate issued by a medical institute, or the statement on family relation, power of attorney by the parents or the parents statement agreeing for the juvenile to travel abroad.

2. How many copies a notarization shall require; the applicable country; the kind of language the notarization needs to be translated;

3. Whether or not if there is special requirements by the embassy or travel agency on the format and content of power of attorney or statement, such as, the indication of the destination country, and travel schedule etc. …, whether or not if an electronic version can be provided as a reference, whether or not if a hand-written power of attorney or statement is acceptable;

4.  Whether or not if there are other special requirements on the notarization.


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