Professional Consecutive Interpretation Services


Expert Chinese Consecutive Interpretation Services


Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is used during many different types of court proceedings. Our expert consecutive interpretations services can also be useful for tours and during different types of business events. We provide exceptional consecutive interpretation in Chinese and more than one hundred other languages to suit your various needs.

Consecutive Interpretation Outline

With consecutive interpretation, the translator will listen as someone speaks for around 30 seconds. Then, the source language is interpreted into the target language and presented to a third party listener. Essentially, the interpreter acts as a go-between and helps two different parties understand each other. We provide the best consecutive interpretation services. We can interpret to and from Chinese, as well as in any number of different language pairs.

Chinese, English and Consecutive Interpretation in Multiple Other Languages

We employ more than 2000 expert Chinese interpreters. We also have experts and native speakers from almost every other language on staff. If you need consecutive interpretation done in Chinese or any other language, we have the expert to help you.

Expert Chinese Consecutive Interpreters

In business and in life, understanding across cultural and language boundaries has never been more important. We have the best consecutive interpreters on staff. We also provide exceptional quality and unbeatable prices that hold the key to your communications success. If you need interpretation in Chinese – or if you need consecutive interpretation for any other language pairs – contact us now!

Privacy and Confidentiality

Everything we interpret is governed by our strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Any information you wish to protect is always safeguarded. Our employees are bound by a strict policy that always ensures limited access to privileged information. When you use our services, you can rest easy that we will protect you. 


Professional Simultaneous Interpretation


Expert Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation

When it comes to interpretation, this is the most difficult type of service to provide. Our expert simultaneous interpreters are skilled professionals. In order to be successful in simultaneous interpretation, service providers must maintain high levels of concentration and possess exceptional language skills. This type of service is typically provided during international conferences and sessions where multiple languages are being spoken at once.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Business

When businesses engage in conferences and large meetings with clients and stakeholders, it is quite common that they will require simultaneous interpretation services. Our expert interpreters can provide simultaneous interpretation in multiple different languages, including: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and many, many more. Simultaneous interpretation also requires the use of audio equipment that provides a real-time feed of all translations to the target audience. This means, regardless of the language of the speaker, your audience will have the ability to understand everything that is being said in real-time. 

How Simultaneous Interpretation Works

During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter will typically be found in an isolated sound booth. From here, the interpreter will listen to the words being spoken in the source language through a head-set. After translating the words internally, the interpreter speaks the translation in the target language into a microphone. The feed from this microphone is then patch through to all audience members who speak the target language. They listen to this feed through their own head-set. This allows for practically instantaneous interpretation of the source language into the target language. Different interpreters work simultaneously to deliver translation of the source into multiple languages. We have expert interpreters who specialize in interpretation from many different languages, including: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and many, many others.

Simultaneous Interpretation Tools

We provide access to all tools required for simultaneous interpretation, including all equipment, receivers and transmitters. 



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