Professional Consecutive Interpretation for Immigration Hearings

Professional Chinese Interpretation Services for Immigration Hearing, Insurance Hearings and Labor Arbitration

Immigration Services

Our company provides interpretation and translations services for Immigration hearings and many other types of immigration proceedings. We provide services in Chinese and more than 140 other different languages. We can provide consecutive interpretation for key immigration processes where effective understanding is absolutely necessary.

Our quality interpretation services are well-respected. We provide globalized and accurate translations and interpretations in more than 140 different languages, including: Chinese, English, French, Japanese and Korean. 

Expert Chinese Consecutive Interpreters

These types of immigration proceedings generally require the use of a consecutive interpreter. We provide you accurate and effective consecutive interpretation completed by expert translators with key backgrounds in immigration and related fields.

Our company is China’s leading provider of fast, reliable and affordable consecutive interpretation services for immigration related proceedings. We can handle Chinese interpretation as well as interpretation to and from English, French, Japanese and many other languages. We work fast -–and we deliver accuracy you can trust. Contact us today to learn more. 

Interpretation for Insurance Hearings

Expert Insurance Interpretation

Professionals who deal with insurance hearings and proceedings often require the use of an interpreter or translator to help with language issues. When insurance hearings involve clients, agents and other participants that speak different languages, it is absolutely essential to maintain quality communications. Our expert insurance interpreters can help you facilitate all your multi-language insurance hearings. We have expert Chinese insurance interpreters as well as trained professionals who can deal with many other languages. If you have an insurance hearing in China – or you need professional insurance interpretation conducted at the location of your choice – please contact us today. 

Professional Chinese Insurance Interpreters

We have professional Chinese insurance interpreters standing-by to help with your next hearing. We also have experts in all other major languages that can help facilitate better communication for all your insurance needs. We provide quality, accurate and affordable insurance interpretation to clients all over the world – contact us today! 


Interpretation for Labor Arbitration

Interpretation – Labor Arbitration

When you are dealing with complicated proceedings like labour arbitration and negotiations, it is absolutely essential to ensure proper communications. Our expert labor arbitration interpreters have strong backgrounds in business and labour relations. We can provide you with a trained labour interpreter to help better-facilitate your arbitration hearings..
Our company employs expert Chinese interpreters capable of handling arbitration hearings conducted in Chinese. We can also provide you with trained – native speakers – of all other major languages to help insure accurate and timely interpretation during negotiation processes. We can provide simultaneous, consecutive and ad-hoc interpretation at very affordable rates. Our customer service specialists are standing-by right now and ready to take the details of your next project.

Professional Chinese and English Interpreters

We employ 100s of trained, expert interpreters with strong backgrounds in labour relations. We can help facilitate labour interpretation in Chinese and all other major languages. If you have need of a quality interpreter at your next labour arbitration hearing, please contact us now. 



NOTE: The professional human Chinese and English translation services are provided by HYW Translation Co. CONTACT

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