Professional Document Translation Services

Translations of Documents

Translating certificates can be required during immigration, court processes and other legal proceedings. Certificates may be fully notarized by a public notary and further notarized by local governments for use outside of Canada.

Using our Professional Chinese Document Translators

A team of professional document translators will be provided with your documentation. We only assign your translations to qualified staff with experience in the particular field involved with the translation. We only use natives of the target language. This ensures that your document is translated accurately and as required.

Translations of Small Projects and Personal Documents

Smaller and personal documents can also be handled by our professional translators. We always use the same care and expertise regardless of a project’s size or complexity. Large or small, your documents will be translated accurately and quickly.

Affordable, Timely and Accurate Translations

Our rates for translations are extremely competitive and we always provide accurate quotes and deliver on time. Our Chinese translations experts meet all international standards and all translations receive a final quality control check before being delivered to clients 

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your personal information is protected by our confidentiality guarantee. Only the translator and project manager will have access to your documentation. Our employees are regulated by a rigid confidentiality policy that keeps the information contained in your documentation safe. 

Translations - Financial Documents

The modern global economy often requires that financial documentation be translated into multiple languages. These documents can include: annual shareholder reports, financial documents and statements, as well as press releases and other documents related to business. Success in this regard depends on accurate and efficient translations. Our company uses expert Chinese financial translators to ensure your financial documents are reproduced accurately and exactly. 

Finance – Professional Chinese Translators

When it comes to financial documentation, accuracy is paramount. Our company will ensure that text is translated accurately. We will also ensure that numbers, figures, names and tables are reproduced exactly according to the original source document. We also provide comprehensive year-over-year translations databases for clients to ensure consistency from one year to the next. 

Privacy and Confidentiality of Financial Documents

Our company ensures that your documentation is protected and safe. Our translators are bound by a strict confidentiality policy and all financial information is deleted on your request. Hiring a translation company to deal with your financial documentation requires trust – we have control measures in place to ensure you are protected.



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