Professional Notarized Translation Services

Chinese Translations and Notarized Documentation

Our company offers affordable notarization of translated documents quickly and reliably. We are happy to offer notarization services for any document translated by one of our expert professionals. Notarization of a document will typically allow for fast and easy acceptance from various governmental agencies – including the Chinese Government. 

Notarized Translations

After one of our expert Chinese translators has completed the translation of your document, the translator will contact a notary public and sign an affidavit testifying to its accuracy and authenticity. A sample of this type of affidavit can be viewed below:

I, NAME OF TRANSLATOR ___________, of the City of XXXXXXXX, in the Province or State of XXXXXXXXX, Translator at NAME OF COMPANY, DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE the following:

1. I am fluent in the SOURCE AND TARGET languages.

2. The attached document(s) represent a true and accurate translation of the original document(s) in the language, hereto annexed, and purporting to be:

DECLARED before me at the City of XXXXXXXX,
On the Province or State of XXXXXXXXXXX,
On the date of XX.XX.XXXX

Translator’s Signature


After being completed, the affidavit will be accepted by government agencies in the locality of your choice. 




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