Professional Website Translation Services

Translation Service – Websites and Webpage Materials, Desktop Publishing

Translations for Websites

In today’s globalized world with international business and customers, it is absolutely essential that website materials be translated into multiple languages.  If your company wants access to the international market, or if your home market contains populations that speak different languages, we can help you translate your website so that it can be easily accessed and understood by more people. 

Expert Website Translators

Our company employs professional website translators who can translate your source webpage into any number of target languages and dialects.  Our website experts understand multiple webpage formats and schemes.  Below are just some of the many different services we offer for our website translations: 

• SQL Server and MySql
• ASP. NET resource files 
• JQuery and JAVA

Our webpage translations experts will send translate your materials and send you files that are 100% accurate and server-upload ready. 

Unparalleled Translation Accuracy and Unbeatable Rates

Our company only uses qualified and experienced website translators.  We have handled thousands of major website projects for well-known companies all around the world.  Using our services will allow you to meet the needs of a much wider audience.  Our website translations services can take your company or organization to the next level. 

Chinese Desktop Publishing Translations

In today’s Chinese business environment, desktop publishing typically occurs in multiple languages.  Presenting your final product in the best possible way may not provide the best benefits if your materials are unilingual only.  Our expert Chinese translators have the ability to take your images, graphics and visual materials and apply target languages translations.  The result is an exact visual match to your original source material but re-produced in a foreign or second language. 
Our company understands how important it can be to provide quality foreign language desktop publishing services.  We have a team of trained typesetters, visual artists and graphic designers than can guarantee you results.  When you need desktop publishing materials reproduced in Chinese or other foreign languages, don’t leave anything to chance.  Our experts can get the job done quickly and efficiently and provide you with a final product that is visually stunning and accurate. 

Customized Typesetting In Multiple Languages

Our Chinese company uses expert professionals and the most up-to-date software and fonts available.  We can handle all types of software, and produce fonts in well over 100 different languages.  We can even send back your files in high resolution so they are ready to be circulated right away.  

Why Our Desktop and Multi-Language Publishing Services are the Best

Our expert Chinese visual designers and expert linguists use only the best and most sophisticated software to help reproduce your materials.  We provide cutting-edge technology and know-how and we use it to get you the final product you want.  Everything is covered, from page lay out to style to color.  If you have a brochure, report, manual or other published material that you need translated, our company is your best solution. 

Our Available Software

. Adobe InDesign 
. Adobe FrameMaker
. Adobe Acrobat 
. Adobe Illustrator
. Adobe Photoshop
. Adobe PageMaker 
. Corel Presentations
. Corel Quattro Pro 
. Corel WordPerfect
. CorelDraw
. Corel Photo-Paint
. TwinBridge
. Microsoft Access 
. Microsoft FrontPage
.  Microsoft Word
. Microsoft Publisher
. Dagesh
. Microsoft Excel 

Our Desktop Publishing Services

. Document Conversion 
. Printing
. Document Formatting
. Typesetting
. Graphic/Image Placement
. Camera-ready Output
. Style Sheet and Template Design
. Font and Text Design 

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