Trade Shows, Conferences and Event Interpretation Services

Interpretation for Conferences, Trade Shows, Training Seminar and other Events

Chinese Conference and Trade Show Interpretations

Modern conferences and trade shows generally involve a complex collection of diverse attendees. This means that it has never been more important to enlist the services of a qualified interpretation provider. Our company employs expert Chinese interpreters. We also staff large numbers of English and other foreign language experts. If you have a conference, trade show or other event planned and it is likely to involve people from diverse language backgrounds, you should seriously consider contacting our company. 

Expert Simultaneous Interpretation

Our expert simultaneous interpreters will locate themselves in a sound-proof room where they can listen to source speakers via a head-set. They will then simultaneously translate and speak the source speaker’s words in the target language into a microphone. We employ 100s of skilled Chinese interpreters who are capable of delivering simultaneous interpretation to and from Chinese. We also employ native speaker interpreters in a multitude of other different languages. If you next even requires the services of a skilled linguist who can simultaneously interpret event proceedings, our company should always be your first choice. Success depends on being able to effectively communicate with all members of your audience and all attendees. That’s why it’s so important to choose an interpretation services you can trust. We provide expert Chinese and multi-language interpretation that’s accurate, reliable and very affordable.

Interpretation in Multiple Languages

Most events now involve multitudes of different people from all over the world. That means it’s important to be able to provide multi-language interpretation for all your event guests. We can set up multiple sound booths that will allow numerous interpreters to work simultaneously from the same source speaker. This means no language is left out and no loss of communication occurs..

Interpretation Equipment

Our company provides all the equipment necessary to carry out quality interpretation services. We can establish sound booths and the required radio feeds to make sure every event is a complete success!.

Interpretation for Trade Shows

Trade shows provide an opportunity for different organizations to showcase their best and brightest ideas. This means that quality interpretation is needed in order to effectively convey messages. Our company provides exceptional Chinese interpretation for all types of trade shows. We also provide services in many other languages as well. Don’t leave anything to chance – choose an interpretation service you can really depend on!

Privacy and Confidentiality

All interpretations we perform come backed by our standard privacy and confidentiality policy. No information will ever be revealed to outside sources without your expressed written consent. Everything we do is designed to build a lasting bond of trust between you and our company.

Expert Chinese and Multi-Language Interpretation for Training Seminars

During training seminars the process can become overly complicated if there are people speaking multiple languages in attendance. For this reason, it is usually necessary to hire an interpreter to help communicate training seminar proceedings to everyone – regardless of the language they speak. We have expert Chinese interpreters who can help facilitate better communication at your next training seminar. We also have native English speakers and natives of a multitude of other languages standing-by and ready to help. We can help you train foreign employees in a safe and effective way by interpreting your training materials in real-time. This can help make your next training seminar a real success!

Simultaneous interpretation is generally used during training seminars. This allows a real-time audio feed in the target language to be fed directly to non-speakers of the host language. Sometimes, consecutive interpretation may also be comprehensive enough to handle the materials at your training seminar. Contact us now with the details of your next seminar and we will provide you with sound advice on how to move forward. We also have experience producing synchronized, dubbed and subtitled translations for training session video materials. Please contact us today to learn more! 

Training Seminar Interpreters

We only hire the best and brightest Chinese interpreters to handle your Chinese-language interpretation needs. We also have a wide assortment of other skilled interpreters who are experts in their own respective languages. This means that – whatever language you need help interpreting – we can get you quality results that you can depend on. Don’t leave anything to chance by hiring and unqualified interpreter – use our services and make your next training seminar a real success.



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