What is Consular Authentication?

Consular authentication

In our daily life, we can often see the term "Authentication" on newspaper and TV, such as "product quality authentication" or "authentication permit". However, these are not the consular authentication we will talk about here. Then what is consular authentication?

Firstly let's see the definition of consular authentication. Consular authentication means that the diplomatic or consular body of a country or an institution authorized by it confirms on the notarized document or other certificates the final signature (signature and seal) or seal of the notarization institution, corresponding organ or authentication organ as true.

Namely, before delivered abroad for use, related notarizations or other relevant certificates concerning foreign affairs issued by Chinese mainland generally require the consular authentication by the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the foreign affairs office of a regional people's government authorized by it (hereinafter referred to as regional office) and the embassy or consulate of the foreign country in China, following international practice and the consular practice of China. On the other hand, before delivered to China for use, related documents issued by a foreign country generally shall proceed with related notarization and authentication at the local area before proceeding with consular authentication at the embassy or consulate of China in the concerned country.


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