What is Embassy Authentication?

It authenticates that the signature of the director is true. The certificate that has been authenticated has legal force and can be admitted by the related using authority of the document.

Embassy authentication mainly includes civil authentication and commercial authentication; the former one such as birth, education background and income certificate; and the latter one such as certificate of origin, proforma invoice, bill of lading and policy of insurance.

In recent years, the export of China to countries and regions such as Latin America, Africa and Middle East has increased year on year. Particularly, light industry products have fairly distinctive advantages. These countries and regions have become emerging markets for export of China. To protect their own market, these countries have laid down strict trade protection policies, many of which require that export documentation of China must be authenticated by the embassy of the importer country in China before proceeding with the customs clearance. So far, countries that require embassy authentication mainly include Argentina, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Other than the regions such as Middle East, South America and Africa, some European and American countries are also joining the list.


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