Chinese English Certified Translation Services

Huayiwang Translation provides certified legal translation services in a variety of languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Romanian and Russian.

Huayiwang Translation provides certified legal translation services for documents that need to be presented to official authorities for legal purposes. The documents are first translated and then legalized and notarized. Huayiwang Translation follows a very strict workflow process in order to provide the most accurate and professional certified legal translation services. Furthermore, Huayiwang Translation only uses internationally recognized institutions to legalize and notarize the documents so that they will be accepted worldwide.

The following documents may require certified legal translation: 

• Academic Records
• Academic Transcripts
• Adoption Papers
• Birth Certificates
• Customs' Documents
• Death Certificates
• Divorce Decrees
• Driver's Licenses
• Financial Records
• Immigration Papers
• Legal Contracts
• Marriage Certificates
• Medical Records
• Passports
• Police Records
• Real Estate Deeds, Leases
• Wills 

Qualified native translators and legal specialists 

Huayiwang Translation’s database is comprised of highly skilled, qualified linguistic experts, many of whom have a specialty in the legal field. Each member of our database has passed through stringent testing standards, checked via references and has at least one area of expertise. Furthermore, each project undertaken by Huayiwang Translation is proofread by an additional linguistic expert in order to deliver the best possible translation to the client.

Huayiwang Translation’s certified legal translations are all translated and proofread by either lawyers within our database or by linguistic experts with a specialization in the legal field. In addition to translation services, Huayiwang Translation is also available to handle all other legal formalities through the state departments or foreign consulates.

Confidentiality and trust

Huayiwang Translation handles all certified legal translations with strict adherence to confidentiality. All translations and documents remain confidential throughout the translation process.

Huayiwang Translation provides certified legal translations that are an exact translation of the source text in order to be accepted by the relevant courts and the authorities.


NOTE: The professional human Chinese and English translation services are provided by HYW Translation Co. CONTACT

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