Chinese English Website Translation Services

Website translation: A Cost-effective Method

We can use many methods to reach international markets. One of the most cost-effective methods used today is website translation. Though there exists a fact that English is one of the most prevalent second languages, which can be read and understood by people in many countries, misunderstandings caused by cultural differences still can interrupt you with a wrong message. If you speak to people in their own language, they fell more comfortable when they buy your products and services. Just think about what a convenient thing it is for them!

Website translation: Partial or complete are available

Partly or entirely translating the websites could bring benefits. This fact has already been realized by many companies and organizations.  When entire website translation is recommended by us, maybe partial translation of core pages is what you want. Because showing the key pages also could promote your international offerings. It may be an alternative solution to choose key pages to be translated under the condition that this way suit your needs.

Website translation: Our approach to operate

One of the following two approaches is generally chosen by us to go ahead with the translation of your website. You can send the content, which needs to be translated to us either with all encoding or markup languages removed (.txt, .doc, .rtf), or the translation of the sources files.(.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java and many more) could be dealt with directly by us Under the latter condition, your site will be downloaded by us to perform a word count and details will be  sent to you later. So the word count can be accepted or unnecessary files can be deleted by you.  Then, our final price will be confirmed.

Website translation: Is source code or Word format available?

If you like, we are gladly to translate text from source code. However, please pay attention that since the translation speed is slower and a quality audit is required, we have to ask for a 20% surcharge compared to translation into simple text.

About Graphical elements

Put the translation of your graphical elements (.jpg, .gif, .png, Flash, Illustrator, and Director) into consideration, a translation in an Excel spreadsheet, the content of which you can localize in-house will be supplied by us; or the job can be handled by us through an external webmaster or DTP (desktop publishing) specialist. If you prefer this task to be operated by us, you just need simply send your source files (.psd, .fla, ai, png, etc.) to us, and we guarantee that we will return you all the graphics files ,which can be adapted correctly.

Your website can be translated into a variety of languages

Website translation into Chinese
Website translation into French
Website translation into German
Website translation into Spanish
Website translation into Dutch


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