Chinese English Website Translation Rates

Translation rates for websites

Website localization and translation rates can run from as little as 0.07 to 0.14 USD/word

Please feel free to search and view our rates for Chinese, different languages, and different translation language pairings.

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Price per word in USD

* Our company employs translators who can handle language pairings used in countries all over the world. Please feel free to view some of our more popular language offers.

Send us the details of your website materials and we will provide you with a free and accurate quotation.

Our searchable translator database is filled with expert translators who will be the perfect fit for your project. If you need translations in Chinese or any other major language, we have a translator for you. If you are looking for a translator who was born and raised in China – or anywhere else – we can help. Our translator database also provides bios and rates for most translators.

We can also set-up one-on-one interviews with Chinese translators so you can select the one you like most.


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