Localization of Chinese

Our company can provide outstanding localization services for Chinese documents, webpages and text. These services can help your company to reach new markets in China. 

Our Chinese localization services involve taking measures to ensure your products and materials are well-suited to a Chinese audience. We provide comprehensive Chinese localization for: 
Translated Chinese documents
Translated Chinese software
Chinese translations agencies
Regular translations
Website translations

Our localization services can help to ensure that your text, materials software and websites work perfectly for the Chinese market. We have expert teams of localization professionals who are ready to handle all of your projects. Translating materials into Chinese is complicated and requires care beyond simple literal translations. We go the extra mile to help ensure that your documents are all localized and perfectly suited for release in China. 

Common localization procedures:

Chinese localization for websites and web-materials

Localization requirements in China

Removing offensive colors, themes and phrases
Format changes to ensure time, date and currency accuracy
Localization of payment options

Localization for software in China

Localization requirements in China

Our translation database ensures fast and efficient localization
Panels and focus-groups ensure access to your market audience

Localization for documentation in China

Localization requirements in China

Localization of text length and formatting
Localization of fonts and embedded fonts
Localization for the culture in China 

Chinese society is very traditional in some respects. Not only is the language itself quite different from Western languages, but the culture contains traditional elements that need to be respected and understood when presenting messages to the Chinese people. There are values and expectations inherent to Chinese society that should be takin into account before localizing any documents or materials.
Chinese society is focused on groups and collectivism. It’s important to understand how people in China respect harmony over individualism..
Chinese society is also focused on hierarchies and traditional roles. Chinese people believe in respecting authority and traditions can be traced all the way back to Confucius..
Chinese people believe in cooperation and depend on each other. 
Chinese people believe in trust and honor within their relationships and between the companies they do business with. 
Chinese consumers value thrift and savings. They also strive to compare prices between different companies. 
Chinese consumers may seem to be very wary before conducting business. This means that they should be approached respectfully and that business relationships should be built over time. 
Chinese people believe in building trust – and they have strong networks of social communication. All these things need to be remembered when localizing documentation for the Chinese market. 

Internationalizing Chinese documentation and materials

Internationalization involves making technologies and back-end features adaptable to the Chinese market. When dealing with the Chinese market – internationalization is as important as localization. 

It’s always prudent to internationalize your website in order to make it viable in China. This should be done based on a few key parameters: 
Order and sorting should be done according to Chinese expectations.
Text and code should be externalized.
Formats should be adapted to be understood easily by Chinese people.

When you hire us to internationalize your materials for the Chinese market, we will usually take a number of key steps to help ensure success.
First, we apply our internationalization format to your materials to determine any problems. 
Second, we analyze and review issues according to your objectives and goals.
We will also verify all source architecture and code on your website and make software application changes as needed. 
Third, we will implement all key changes and enable double-byte character writing. We will also address any key formatting concerns. 

Finally, we will test your materials and ensure they work properly.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our extensive internationalization and localization services. 

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