Does your company handle website translations?

Does your company handle website translations?

I need my website translated into Chinese - can your company help me?


Absolutely! Our company translates websites into Chinese every day. If you need translations into other languages we can help you out as well. 

Estimating prices for website translations

Simply send us the text you need translated in XML and we will take it from there. We provide quotes based on the source word count. We can translate your website into Chinese or into most other major languages. If you like, you can also send us the website’s files directly and we can provide you with a free and accurate quote.

Our company understands that you might not be familiar with all types of website terminology. That’s not a problem. Our experts are ready to guide you through the entire process. 

We can provide you with a basic translation of your website. We can also provide you will full localization and nativization services as well. This is especially beneficial when translating websites for the Chinese market.

What is localization?

Localization means that we customize your website text to suit your target audience. Sometimes phrases and metaphors don’t translate exactly into other languages – especially Chinese! Localization helps make sure you connect with your target audience. 

Localization also involves customizing colors and graphics to make sure they suit the targetaudience. This is especially important in China. 

Different cultures respond differently to colors, images and text. White means virtue and innocence in the West – it is associated with death in China. Localization helps to make sure your website is appropriate for whoever you are trying to reach. 

There are many other examples of how colors and images could potentially offend different cultures. We know the best way to adapt your webpage to suit your target audience.

Different languages format differently as well. Chinese can be written from top to bottom (something that would make no sense in English). We can make sure your text is localized to suit your target audience

Localization also deals with menu buttons and particular common phrases. Sometimes, menu lists need to be reversed in order to suit the Chinese eye well. We can make sure your page looks exactly right in China or in any other country. 

Word length also plays a role in formatting. With Chinese, sometimes you don’t need as much space to accommodate certain words and phrases. We can help with this too! 

This also applies to the European language as well. Certain words and phrase that can be represented by a single Chinese character sometimes need much more space in German. The same goes for English. We can localize and format your webpage to suit your target audience!

If you need your website translated or localized, get in touch with us today! A helpful company representative will be happy to provide you with help and an accurate quote. Don’t delay! Your customers will thank you. 

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