CJKOS for Plam Smart Mobile Phones

This software product has been discontinued since 2010



CJKOS(Chinese, Japanese, Korean Operation System) is used to enhance the English version of PalmOS to become a multi-language system, supporting Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Major Features:

  • Supports displaying Chinese, Japanese and Korean words. CJKOS will:
    • Intelligently identify and display simultaneously both simplified(GB-2312) and traditional(BIG-5) Chinese words.
    • Intelligently identify and display simultaneously both EUC-JIS and Shift-JIS Japanese words.
    • Display Korean KSC-5601.
  • Localizer: Supports a native-language interface for PalmOS. At present, only Simplified and Traditional Chinese interfaces are available.
  • Supports the input of Chinese words. The followings input methods are available:
    • For Traditional Chinese: CangJie[sometimes called Changjei], HongKong CangJie, Easy, ZhuYin, Cantonese, HanYuPinYin, TongYongPinYin, ZhuYin 2, WG PinYin, XuShi, DaYi, Array, Icon Word, Punctuation and Symbol, Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.
    • For Simplified Chinese: WuBiZiXing, PinYin, Double-PinYin, ZhuYin, Cantonese, Shape-code, Zheng-code, Icon Word, Punctuation and Symbol, Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.
    • For Korean: Korean Word, Icon Word, Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.
    • For Japanese: Icon Word, Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.
    • Other Input Methods available on each specific language platform, customized by users.
  • Various Font support:
    • Supports Standard Font, Bold Font, Large Font and Large Bold Font.
    • Supports Chinese and Japanese 10X10 small Font.
  • Special Font Support:
    • 12X12 FangSong and Kai Fonts Simplified Chinese.
    • 12X12 XiMing and BiaoKai Font Traditional Chinese.
    • SUPPORT HKSCS(Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set ) FONTS (4702), and All of Traditional Chinese words and 4295 HKSCS words can be input with "HongKong Cangjie" Input Method.
  • Phrase Association, Reverse-Association and Phrase Input.
  • Supports to directly add or delete phrases on the handheld devices.
  • Smart Prioritize Word and Phrase: System can study on itself and put the frequently-used words or phrases in the front of the list.
  • Supports the feature of "Icon word", so that icons can be pasted among characters. It can help to categorize the materials, act as a reminder or note, etc.
  • Supports external keyboard: Input Methods can be started on external keyboards. The available external keyboards include GoType keyboard, Palm Portale Keyboard.
  • Supports JogDial.
  • Match Precisely.
  • Solution for messy codes in AvantGo.
  • Translates Chinese address into English.
  • Gets the original codes.
  • Stroke Input: Easy on-the-fly entry of your own customized words, non-standard words, signatures and scribbles, etc. What you see is what you write.
  • Database manager: Easily delete any unnecessary databases (CJKOS system files), or monitor databases' status.
  • Other advanced features:
    • Optional Wider Standard Font and Wider Bold Font.
    • Adjustable spacing between the words.
    • Enhanced word wrap.
    • Hide underlines in the text.
    • Enhance sorting.
    • Enhanced Fonts Select Dialog.
    • Enhanced CJK Date Format

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm: Palm IIIc
  • Palm OS 3.5

Resolutions Supported:

  • Sony Hi-Res (320x320)
  • Sony Hi-Res+ (320x480)
  • Palm Hi-Res (320x320)
  • Palm Standard (160x160)

Palm OS5 Support:

  • Palm OS version 5 Compatible


CJKOS User Manuals:

PDF version of the user manuals are available in English, Simplified Chinese (简体) and Trditional Chinese (繁體)