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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I purchased a registered version in the past, but I have lost the serial number. How can I get my serial number back ?

A1: Please enter your email address and name, we will send it to you.

Q2: I have recently reinstalled/replaced my PC, but I do not have a CD, or I have lost my CD, How do I install the latest version ?

A2: You can get the latest version downloaded for only $10 (for the same Major Version)

Q3: I have purchased a registered version and I have got the serial number, but when I enter it the program told me it's not valid, what's wrong?

A3: Since the serial number is generated from Your Name and Company Name, so you must type them EXACTLY as printed on the invoice or email. Space or case is not significant, but all other characters must be typed. A serial number is only for one software, so please make sure you are entering the serial number for the specific software.

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2. Special Bundle Offer for Registered Users - or Order the Latest CDROM with the Same Major Version.

If you have got the latest versions, please check out our special bundle offer or upgrade to Pro. versions by paying only the difference in price. Or, if you need the latest CDROM for the latest updates with same major version.


  1. NJStar Chinese WP 6.x bundle offers
  2. NJStar Japanese WP 6.x bundle offers
  3. NJStar Communicator 3.x bundle offers
  4. NJStar CJK Viewer (NJWIN) 1.x bundle offers
  5. NJStar Chinese Pen 2.x bundle offers
3. Free Upgrades for Latest Versions
For NJStar Chinese / Japanese WP 6.x minor upgrades, please go to NJStar WP menu Help - "Check for Update".
For NJStar Communicator 3.1+ minor upgrade, please go to main menu and click "Check for Update"

The following "upgrade patch" files only work if you have registered versions installed.

  1. Free Upgrade from NJStar Communicator Version 3.0 to 3.30.15918
  2. Free Upgrade from NJStar CJK Viewer (NJWIN) Version 1.x to 1.96.9818
  3. Free Upgrade from NJStar Chinese Calendar Version 2.x to 2.38.13928