NJStar Japanese Word Processor Screenshots


Works on Microsoft Windows


Works on Apple Mac OSX


Kanji input


Romaji input


Change input bar text size


Learn the stroke order of characters


Compare the differences between two documents


Insert many different symbols


NJStar tutorial for the Japanese WP


Generate all the verb forms for a specific verb


NJStar Japanese WP help


Hiragana to Romaji table


Katakana to Romaji table


A couple of fonts offered in the "Ultimate" NJStar Japanese WP version


Preview your document before printing


Learn a character by looking at the Kanji information and writing self notes


Look at definitions while typing with the input dictionary


Highlight a word to look up its meaning


Search for the definition of a character and receive a list of words associated with it


Improve your Japanese by using Kanji of the Day


Change date and time format


Supports Microsoft DOCX format

Supports Microsoft DOCX format


Various colour themes for NJStar WP

Various colour themes for NJStar WP