What's New in NJStar Japanese WP Version 6.30


What's New in Version (Update 6)  (Release Date: 2021-06-18)

This is the 6th update for version 6, it comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improve: create extra MetaFile picture when Copy the text - was in v4/5.
  • Improve: help pages are shown with wider line space for easy reading.
  • Fix: input method names were shown with extra unwanted characters.
  • Fix: saved docx file opened in Word with in-correct Line Break.
  • Fix: Other minor reported bugs.

What's New in Version (Update 5)  (Release Date: 2020-05-18)

This is the 4th update for version 6.0. It comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improve: Add Microsoft Translation as a choice beside Google Translation.
  • Improve: Update built-in Japanese dictionary with the latest version.
  • Improve: Seperate full size mode for English and Kanji input modes.
  • Fix: Links update to Google Online Translation.
  • Fix: Njstar hangs when mouse cursor hover over input bar button starting with a Kana.
  • Fix: saved docx file opened in Word with in-correct Line Break.
  • Fix: Other minor reported bugs.

What's New in Version (Update 4)  (Release Date: 2018-12-18)

This is the 4th update for version 6.0. It comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improve: Japanese-English translation interface to Google and Microsoft Translation Services.
  • Improve: Add Japanese language tag in RTF, so Word can break line correctly.
  • Improve: Always detect DOC and DOCX file format.
  • Improve: Add 'Page Number' command for choosing page number formats.
  • Fix: Prevent NJStar WP Crash when update download link is FTP.
  • Fix: Scale of HTML dialog box under high DPI screen.
  • Fix: Other minor reported bugs.

What's New in Version (Update 3)  (Release Date: 2015-12-08)

This is the 3rd update for version 6.0. It comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • New: Compatible with Windows 10
  • New: Vertical Block highlight with copy/cut/delete operations.
  • New: add 'Internet Search' option when right click on highlighted words.
  • improve: add high resolution button images for high dpi devices.
  • Improve: File size reduced greatly where images are inserted or pasted into the document.
  • Improve: Always show file extension regardless the settings in Windows Explorer.
  • Improve: Draw inserted stroke order sequences smoothly using anti-aliasing.
  • Improve: Add options in Stroke Order dialog box to specify stoke color and grid types.
  • Improve: Prevent saving of a file with same name as another opened document.
  • Improve: do not auto check for upgrade if not installed on this machine/account
  • Fix: Preview Page Down by mouse click on scrollbar scrolls more than one page at a time.
  • Fix: Radical Dialog box shows too much flickering when resizing.
  • Fix: the document is repainted too many times on opening.
  • Fix: default font setting is not saved.
  • Fix: Other minor reported bugs.

What's New in Version (Update 2)  (Release Date: 2014-11-18)

This is the second update for version 6.0. It comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improve: Support for Unicode 7.0.
  • Improve: Support for high resolution devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
  • Improve: Add stroke order data for Japanese Kanji (was simplified Chinese only).
  • Improve: Add control to adjust the stroke order animation speed, and to resize dialog box.
  • Improve: Add option to specify the default fonts for opening new document and text files.
  • Improve: Add option to customize the settings of Other Input Methods.
  • Improve: Add option to print highlighted text only, or print the current page.
  • Improve: Add option to show character count in Unique Kanji listing.
  • Improve: Add Kanji verb input for Causative, Perfective, Imperative, Honorific and Humble forms.
  • Fix: Line space and page break is not correct when there are hidden characters.
  • Fix: Paste of Unicode text with Mac Style line ending has no line break.
  • Fix: Full size Japanese quotation marks are not in full size as in WP5.
  • Fix: Font link for Tahoma maybe missing when Japanese characters is shown as Squares.
  • Fix: JMDict was added in duplication when updated.
  • Fix: Other reported minor bugs.

What's New in Version (Update 1) (Release Date: 2014-03-18)

This is the first update for version 6.0. It comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improve: Encode unmapped Unicode chars in HTML when saving as GB/B5/EUC/SJIS text files.
  • Improve: JWP's JMDict is compressed to 25% for faster lookup, add indexes for other languages.
  • Improve: Always load dictionaries and fonts under program folder instead of registry entry.
  • Improve: Tracking changes option is now saved with the .NJX document and can be protected with password.
  • Improve: Add option in the zoom percentage list for zoom to fit the screen width (need uninstall).
  • Improve: Auto detect the HTML file encoding by reading the Charset tag
  • Improve: Display Japanese text not as boxes on UI by setting Charset (on WinXP or Wine on Mac/Linux).
  • Improve: Scroll text smoothly by holding and moving mouse on vertical scroll bar.
  • Fix: When used on secondary screen, popup and some dialog boxes were shown on primary screen.
  • Fix: Opening of JWP5 files with European accent chars in range of 0xA1-0xFF.
  • Fix: Recovered file is opened but shown as blank until the cursor is moved.
  • Fix: Possible crash when auto-saving the file.
  • Fix: Possible text corruption at 8k boundary when opening EUC/SJIS/UTF8 text files.
  • Fix: User Dictionary entries are not shown on popup dictionary when no exact match.
  • Fix: Japanese display problem when Charset not set on some Windows XP setup.
  • Fix: Stroke order display is not cleared properly when animation/try is interrupted.
  • Fix: Unable to input Japanese in a Document when another Document in Preview mode.
  • Fix: Can not open a EUC/SJIS encoded RTF file properly, not converted to Unicode.
  • Fix: Saved document becomes modified when PC wakes up from sleeping.


What's New in Version 6.0 (Major Release)  (Release Date: 2013-10-28)

NJStar Japanese WP Version 6.0 is a major new release with all modules based on Unicode. The support for 70,000+ different Kanji characters in a single document has been achieved. This version is designed to support Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, Windows Server 2003,2008 and 2012. Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT4 are no longer supported.

The following summary is a list of main features in this new version. An * at the end indicates a new or improved feature in version 6.

Japanese Language Learning and Teaching

  • Animate and practice Stroke order, insert/print Stroke order sequences (for 6500 simplified Chinese Kanji only). *
  • Interface to online multilingual translation. *
  • Built-in 220,000-entry Japanese Multilingual English dictionary for easy lookup. *
  • Popup dictionary with annotations for main window text and input bar input candidates.
  • Create a vocabularies database with the Study List.
  • Find out the readings and meanings of uncommonly used Kanji characters using Radical Lookup.
  • Use Kanji of the day as flashcards to review vocabularies at different levels. *
  • Convert Kana to Romaji, or Romaji to Kana.
  • List and count the unique Kanji used in the document and sort the list in Kana order.*
  • Compare two documents to highlight the difference in colors, useful for marking student's work. *
  • Add removable comments to document text for easy marking of student assignment. *

Japanese Word Processing Tools

  • Read from and Save to Microsoft RTF (Rich Text Format) and DOCX (Office Open XML) file formats. *
  • Support 70,000+ Kanji in Japanese text, as well as other languages in the same document. *
  • Open/Save/Copy/Paste Japanese text in all encodings such as UTF8, UTF16/UCS2, UCS4 and EUC/ShiftJIS/NewJIS codes. *
  • Insert pictures of all formats (JPG,GIF,PNG,BMP,TIF,EMF,WMF) inline or as frame, background and watermark. *
  • Sort Japanese text based on Kana, Radical or number of Strokes. *
  • Kanji Information to provide detail codes and meanings for each Kanji.
  • Ability to open and work on more than one documents in the tab-based interface within one window. *
  • Ability to open a new document with different pre-defined styles and templates. *

Japanese Input Methods

  • NJStar comes with 10 built-in Japanese Input Methods to suit all needs. *
  • Improved KanaKanji input method - No need to capitalize first Romaji for Kanji. *
  • Improved Romaji input method - Take care of Japanese particles and various verb forms. *
  • Input 70,000 Kanji using Unicode Hex. *
  • Extended Symbols Input for special Kanji, Date and Time, Dingbats, Geometry, etc. *
  • Customizable input bar in which the size of displayed Japanese characters can be enlarged to suit high resolution screens, and the font and color be changed to suit different user needs. *
  • Manage commonly used terms/words with short input key using Glossary function.
  • Recall recent inputted characters using Shift+Space.
  • Commonly used characters will be remembered and moved to the top of the list for easy character selection. *
  • Backup/restore user modified input dictionaries, study list, character usage frequency files etc. *
  • Create your own Unicode based input method and use it in NJStar.

Document Formatting and Editing

  • Easy font formatting using Format Painter, Color Marker. *
  • Define your own Stylesheet with different combination of Japanese and Latin fonts, paragraph and margin settings and save as a Template. *
  • Support multiple document templates for faster creation of new documents. *
  • Ability to insert all types of pictures inline, in frame or as background/watermark picture. *
  • Ability to wrap text around pictures and frames. *
  • Support hyperlink, bookmark, list, footnote, endnote, header, footer and other input fields. *
  • Ability to insert table with comprehensive Table editing and formatting functions with Undo and Redo. *
  • Optional multiple column page layout.
  • Ability to adjust spacing between characters, lines and paragraphs. *
  • Spelling check with English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. *
  • Track, accept, reject or hide document changes. *
  • Backward compatible with NJStar WP version 4 and version 5 file formats. *
  • Additional fonts for Pro and Ultimate editions, up to 20 NJStar OpenType Postscript Japanese fonts. *

User Interface

  • Tab based multi-theme, multi-document user interface. *
  • Customizable Toolbars, input bar and Keyboard shortcuts. *
  • Multilingual User Interface with English, French and Japanese menu, dialog boxes and messages. *
  • Built-in File Explorer for easy browsing and opening of document files. *
  • Page view mode for printing, fitted view mode for editing text files. *
  • Preview page layout before sending to the printer.
  • Built-in automatic update checker to check for program update and install the update after download. *


Features in the Old Version

Version 5.x